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Indoor plants add a calming and refreshing atmosphere to your home. Apart from this, indoor plants also lift your mood and keep the air fresh. Green plants or flower vases not only provide color and liveliness to your space, but also help remove negative emotions.

Some of the typical indoor plants in Indian homes are often used according to the principles of Vaastu and Feng Shui to relieve stress, reduce anxiety and positivity.

The majority of these typical indoor plants need a lot of care and watering. Indoor plants, as the name implies, are intended for the interior of the house, the porch or the sides of the window.

Let’s take a look at some indoor plants that need little maintenance.

ZZ . Factory

ZZ plant is a plant that tolerates low light. Its soil needs to dry out between waterings. Since it grows slowly, it does not require frequent repotting. It’s the perfect plant for the idle gardener.

snake plant

Sansevieria, better known as Snake Plant, is a low maintenance plant. It can accept any kind of light. It doesn’t need a lot of water. It also grows effectively in areas with higher than lower light levels. This is a must in every home.

Lucky Bamboo

It can be grown either in soil or in water. It hates direct sunlight, which makes it an ideal indoor plant. It grows slowly in mere water, yet it grows in soil. If it’s in the water, don’t worry! And if it is on the soil, then you just need to water it more often.


Aloe vera has many medicinal benefits and, contrary to popular belief, is one of the easiest plants to care for. Does not require excessive watering. In fact, people overwater with water, which often leads to its decay. The fleshy inner part of the aloe vera leaf contains the water of the plant. As a result, they require very little water to grow.

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