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A haven for international criminal gangs MIGMG News

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Organized “cartels” from the Balkans, the Caucasus and the Arab world have made Turkey the center of their activities. This happened because of the geographical location of this country.

Turkey: Home of international criminal groups
Turkey: Home of international criminal groups


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Turkey has always been a crossroads between Asia and Europe, offering unique opportunities for trade, tourism and cultural activities.

The latest event

On November 4, a warrant was issued against suspected Serbian drug dealer Silko Buzanc and he was arrested in Istanbul, Turkey. This “drug boss” had a Turkish passport. The news of his arrest caused stormy reactions. As soon as this news broke, Turkish opposition leader Kemal Kilic Duroglu wrote in his Twitter message: “Criminals from all over the world have reached our cities.” The Turkish opposition leader further wrote in his message: “Get out of our cities, we will destroy. Take your black money and get out of here.

Indeed, over the years there have been consistent indications that many leaders and members of transnational criminal organizations use Turkey as a base. In recent years, cases and activities related to the mafia in Turkey have been highlighted by a large number of murders. For example, on September 7 this year in Istanbul, the famous Serbian criminal Juan Vukotch was killed. He was considered the head of the most notorious drug gang in the Balkans. In 2018, the head of the Georgian mafia Gevz Zviadadze was killed in the Turkish city of Antalya.

Why is Turkey a center of criminals?

Why is Turkey a base for criminals? In this regard, the former head of the Turkish Civil Police, Edrene Eskişehir, in a conversation with Deutsche Welle, mentioned the area and expanse of Istanbul, a very important city in trade, culture and tourism in Turkey. According to official data, 16 million people live in this city. “There is a lot of traffic in Istanbul,” says the former police chief. All kinds of people come here and many of them are involved in the world of crime. According to Edrene Eskişehir, the presence of foreign mafia “cartels” in Turkish cities has been increasing over the years. There has been a remarkable increase in the activities of mafia groups, especially from the former Soviet states, the Balkans and the Arab regions.

Turkish journalist Timur Suykan also confirmed this in an interview with Deutsche Welle, saying: “Most of the most active criminal syndicates in Turkey are from the Balkans and the Caucasus,” he writes for BirGun. According to him, Turkey has become an easy destination for the Balkan mafia. The main reason for this is the geographical location of the country, as different drug smuggling routes converge here.

Weak democracy

Turkey is considered a weak democracy. This is the reason why various mafia groups are active in Turkey due to the situation in this country. The former deputy head of the Turkish secret service, Sivat Aunş, in his interview with Deutsche Welle, asked the question of what kind of environment criminal organizations want to work in. Answering this question himself, he said: “Where there is no rule of law, where they themselves can establish contact with state institutions.” Sivat Aunsh referred to the speculation that, according to him, the mafia and the Turkish state have a secret. relationship with each other. Taking advantage of these relationships, mafia groups can easily continue their activities in Turkey.

The network between the state and hashish organizations of organized crime was recently revealed by the mafia boss Sadat Pekar through social networks.

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