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A mentally challenged woman who was found walking around town has been reunited with her family MIGMG News

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Migmg news

The Mumbai police have managed to reunite a mentally challenged woman, who was found walking naked in Borivali, with her brother who lives in Palghar. The woman repeatedly uttered a word – “Parsa” (a place in Bihar), which proved crucial for the police to locate her brother.

Police said the woman, who is in her early thirties and was found walking in Borivali in July last year, was reunited with her family early last week after the Parsa police station helped Borivali police locate her address. brother in Maharashtra. Around midnight on July 9 last year, the Borivali police were alerted about a woman walking alone near Haridas Nagar. The Nirbhaya Squad of the police station was then sent to that area. “We detained her and gave her clothes,” said a police officer.

During further investigation, she gave her name as Nazreen Khan but could not provide any other information about herself. She, however, kept repeating one word, “Parsa.” As the woman did not appear mentally healthy, she was taken to Hriday Samrat Balasaheb Thackeray Hindu Hospital, Yogeshwari (East), for medical examination. “We started looking for her family members across the city. We started going through missing person reports and even sent a wireless message but found no trace of her family. And keeping her safety in mind, we started looking for a suitable NGO, but no one agreed to take her in because she would hit her head against the wall and tear her clothes,” said a police officer.

The police subsequently took her into custody under Section 100 (duties of police officers in relation to persons with mental illness) of the Mental Health Care Act, 2017, after which she was produced before the Metropolitan Magistrate, Borivali (West). The court ordered the woman to be admitted to the hospital for seven days of observation and treatment. She was then admitted to Cooper Hospital.

“Two teams have been assigned to look after her,” said an officer. Meanwhile, the police received her mental health reports from the Cooper Hospital stating that she was mentally challenged, after which she was admitted to the Thane Regional Mental Hospital. “When we talked to her, she kept repeating ‘Parsa’, after which we started working on it. Parsa turned out to be her birthplace,” the officer said.

The Borivali police then contacted the Parsa Bazar police station, through which they got the address of her brother Salim Ahmad Hafiz in Palghar.

“We got his address from them and subsequently contacted him. Hafiz told us that he did not file any police report as he was not treated well when he went to the police station to lodge a complaint when her sister went missing last time,” said a police officer, adding, “We completed the formalities and as her health was improving, we took permission from the court handed her over to her brother.”


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