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By Online Lokmat | Published: August 6, 2022 06:12 PM2022-08-06T18:12:25+5:302022-08-06T18:23:20+5:30

Corona Update In India : Corona infection cases and positivity rate are seen to increase in the last few days.

New Delhi: Once again, the speed of corona virus is increasing rapidly in the country. In view of increasing cases of Corona, Union Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan has written to the Health Secretaries of Odisha, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala, Delhi, Telangana and Tamil Nadu states. More than 2 thousand cases have come up in Delhi on Friday. More than 1 thousand patients have been reported in Maharashtra on Friday.

In its letter, the health ministry has directed these states to properly monitor the rising cases of influenza-like diseases and corona. To prevent the spread of infection. By writing a letter to these states, the Center has suggested how to control the Corona cases of these states. Also, it is seen that the cases of corona infection and the positivity rate have increased in the last few days. Therefore, these states need to take immediate steps, said the Ministry of Health.

Concern has been expressed in the letter referring to 2202 Corona cases reported in Delhi on August 5. For the past few days, 811 cases are coming to light in Delhi every day. The average number of cases has also increased. Where there was an average of 802 cases per day in the week ending July 29, the average has risen to 1492 in the week ending August 5. The weekly positivity rate has also increased from 5.90 to 9.86 per cent, the health ministry said in the letter.

Meanwhile, 19406 new patients of Corona have been found in India in the last 24 hours. In the last 24 hours, 49 people have lost their lives due to Corona. In these figures, 11 deaths have occurred in Kerala. 19,928 people have recovered from corona infection. Currently, the number of active corona patients in India is 1,34,793. According to the statistics, so far 4,34,65,552 people have been discharged after treatment for Corona. Also, 5,26,649 patients have died due to corona infection in the country so far. The daily positivity rate is reported to be 4.95 percent.

Kerala has the highest number of corona infected patients in the country. Kerala has 12,344 active patients while Maharashtra is second with 12,077 active patients. Karnataka ranks third in terms of active patients, with 11,067 patients being treated. This is followed by Tamil Nadu with 10,987 and Punjab with 10,858.

According to the information given by the state health department, 2024 new patients have been registered in Maharashtra on Friday. Five patients have died due to corona. So 2190 patients have overcome Corona. Currently there are 11906 active patients in the state. According to the information given by the Health Department, 2190 patients have recovered and returned home on Friday. Therefore, a total of 78,95,954 corona affected patients have recovered and returned home till date in the state.

Along with Raksha Bandhan, the festival season is also starting in North India in the next few days. In this background, the government has asked the states to be vigilant. Since the advent of Corona around the world, India is second only to the US in total cases and third only to the US and Brazil in terms of total deaths.



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