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A savings program for newspaper readers

A savings program for newspaper readers

Starting tomorrow, January 10, the Megapesos will arrive

After Christmas parties and shopping, there is nothing better than starting the year saving, and for that Yucatan newspaper bring you the Megapes.

The Megapesos are actually coupons worth one peso that will appear in the Newspaper from tomorrow, Monday, January 10.

“It is a savings program for the reader of Diario de Yucatán who buys his copy in Yucatán, Campeche and Quintana Roo, with the intention of taking care of its economy in the face of the January slope ”, says Dídier Pinto Chacón, Circulation coordinator.


The Megaweights will be published from Monday to Friday in the print edition of the newspaper, until February 4th, and can be exchanged from Tuesday, January 11, for the edition of the end of the Journal.

What’s more, Megaweights are cumulative, although it should be clarified that cannot be exchanged for cash. To make them valid, you just have to go any day with your spokesperson, to the corner store or the offices of Yucatan Newspaper.


The exchange of the Megapesos does not apply at convenience stores Oxxo, Gomart, 7 Eleven and Super Delis.


Those who have a subscription to the Journal will be able to use the Megapesos when paying for their renewal or extending their subscription, and to make purchases at Club Diario de Yucatán (https: //club.yucatan. com.mx/), requesting it by phone. Although the Megaweights will be discontinued on February 4, readers will have until Monday 7 to use them, after that date they will no longer be valid. Subscribers on the other hand will have up to on February 11 to make your exchange.

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