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aai kuthe kay karte: Where does mother do it: Ashutosh will go into coma, Arundhati’s new face will appear – aai kuthe kay karte madhurani prabhulkar arundhati omkar govardhan ashutosh in coma serial on star pravah MIGMG News


Mumbai: The series suddenly took an unexpected turn. Ashutosh and Nitin’s car had an accident. Ashutosh Kelkar was hit on the head. The last two episodes showed the atmosphere of the hospital. Even Aniruddha Deshmukh comes to the hospital to see Ashutosh. At that time, Arundhati tells Aniruddha what she thinks about Ashutosh. He, too, listens calmly, kindly. Gives her patience.

The gentle Arundhati, however, supports Ashutosh’s mother. Ashu keeps saying that he will be cured. The Deshmukh family also comes to the rescue. But now another big twist is going to be shown in the series. This makes Ashutash’s condition worse. He becomes paralyzed and falls into a coma.

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The next few episodes will show how each person reacts to Ashutosh’s coma. Now the real test is Arundhati’s. Will Arundhati be defeated or will the net stand for Ashutosh? Will she become an independent woman? These events will be seen in the next section. From this, the changed form of Arundhati will come to the fore.

Although the story revolves around Arundhati, Aniruddha, Ashutosh, Sanjana, one side of each character is shown in this series. She also appeals to the audience. In the recent series, Sanjana’s suicide attempt, Gauri-Yash’s separation from each other are continuing. Arundhati is drawn into it. Then the audience thought that Ashutosh-Arundhati’s track would not fall aside.

A few days ago, Ashutosh was going to call Arundhati I Love You. But there were obstacles. While chatting with Arundhati and Ashutosh, Arundhati says we have come here to live happily. Not that tough. Life is beautiful. Ashutosh calls her I Love You. He also says that there is no hope in human life. The mind must be told. What about tomorrow?

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