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Chandigarh: On Wednesday’s Teranga Yatra roadshow in Mandi in Himachal Pradesh, Delhi Chief Minister and National Assembly member of the Aam Aadmi party, Arvind Kejriwal, urged voters to give his party a chance to establish itself. I granted 30 years to Congress and 17 years to BJP Himachal Pradesh. Give us five years. “If we don’t kick us out,” Kejriwal stated.

As the BJP faces opposition to holding the office in Himachal Pradesh, Kejroel has also tried to confine Congress, the state’s main opposition party. He highlighted that the Congress and the BJP had ruled the state for 30 and 17 years respectively, and tried to corner the two political opponents.

The 700-meter Kejriwal tour took around one hour to culminate and bypass the home of the giant Himachal Pradesh politician Sukh Ram. As he passed the residence of Sukh Ram, the slogans of ending corruption rose.

Speaking from the Siri Manch in Mandi, Kejriwal reiterated what he said in the run-up to the Punjab Assembly elections in February 2022. “I don’t know politics. I know how to end corruption, I know how to set up schools and hospitals and provide cheaper electricity. Ask your relatives and they will vouch for us. We put an end to For corruption in Delhi and Punjab, within 20 days, Bhagwant Mann ended corruption.”

Mann claimed that the AAP’s political rivals in Himachal were nervous after its sweep in Punjab. “If you vote for the AAP, it means you vote for yourself and for the future of your children. You are the decision maker. Other political parties say, AAP will not win in Himachal. He asked why they say this.

Then he answered his question, “They say this out of fear of the AAP.”

Then he went to have an affair with the common man. “Look, I’m the son of a teacher and like me, Kejriwalji is also an ordinary man. We are not the children of VIPs while in other parties there is endless favouritism, someone is the son or daughter of the Prime Minister or the son or daughter of a minister. That is the reason for voting for change (Badlav )”.

Denying the policies of both the BJP and the Congress, Mann added, “The British have ruled for 200 years, and the Congress and the BJP have plundered us alternately in batches of five years each. Hence, you must vote for us.”

Shimla MC elections in preparation for assembly poll

Immediately after the roadshow ended, political experts said the league could be an important player in deciding who would win the assembly election. However, the party may not be able to form the government.

At best, with the AAP in Himachal, the electors may present a completely tattered mandate. Also, a Punjab-like scenario may emerge for the 2017 elections, where the AAP may influence the Congress and inadvertently aid the BJP.

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Shashi Kant Sharma, professor in the Department of Journalism at University of Himachal Pradesh, said, “The presence of the AAP will mean that the anti-establishment vote that would otherwise have gone to Congress may go to the AAP. However, on the other hand, many leaders of the AAP are expected to join the party. BJP to AAP.They will certainly affect the BJP voting bank.But the introduction of the assembly elections and what may unfold will be clear after the Shimla Municipal Assembly elections.If the BJP does not do well in the Election Commission polls, it will have an impact on the state elections “.

Prakash Lohomi, Himachal Affairs Superintendent, agreed with Shashikant. But his reasons were slightly different.

“AAP may do reasonably well in the assembly parts bordering Punjab. But since AAP has no cadre here, it will play the spoiler role of Congress. It would be very bad for Congress because last year they only won all four competitions in Himachal.”

Professor and Head of Political Science at University of Himachal Pradesh, Harish Thakur, said, “The AAP will mainly influence the Congress because they are ideologically closer. But the BJP is not impregnable. Disgruntled BJP leaders, activists and workers will influence the right-wing party as well.”

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Will AAP come with full throttle in HP?

In Himachal politics, a third force has not emerged as an effective force. Janata Dal made her presence felt in the 1989 assembly elections as she secured 11 seats when the BJP won 46 seats. Congress won nine seats and the Chinese Communist Party won one seat.

But Janata Dal’s bid was also due to former Congress supporters such as Vijay Singh Mankotia joining his ranks and due to a patriotic wave against the latter. Vice President Singh led by Janata Dal had portrayed Congress as a corrupt party.

Eight years later, the Himachal Vikas Congress led by Sukh Ram managed to win six seats in the Himachal Assembly polls. However, the party had an ephemeral life. In 2012, Sukh Ram himself reached a compromise with Virbhadra Singh to secure the political future of his son Anil Sharma.

But the difference this time is that AAP has outsmarted Delhi and Punjab. Some people hope for a similar performance by the AAP.

According to Lohumi, the question is – isn’t it too early to expect the AAP to win the hill state in the absence of calibers? “It might do well at some point in the future. But in politics, things don’t happen right away. It takes time,” he added.

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Having AAP, Factional Headache for Congress

Despite a clean sweep by Congress in Himachal in 2021, it may not be open and closed for the party as it was in the past, when the election results were like tossing a coin, the Congress system was followed by the BJP. Then Congress again.

The reasons why Congress is not in a comfortable position in Himachal are quite similar to those in Punjab.

It is a party full of leader but a party without leadership. In the post-Verbadra Singh era, top Congress leaders like Asha Kumari, Prathiba Singh, Sukhwinder Singh Sukho, Mukesh Agnihotri and Harsh Vardhan Chauhan want to lead the Congress in the 2022 General Assembly elections. Blame in such a scenario can be attributed to Virpadra Singh, who did not sponsor a leader to lead the party after him or in his absence.

After Virpadra’s death, too, the high command did not take the initiative. Many factions in Congress are anticipating a Punjab-like scenario in the run-up to the elections, and the top leadership is reluctant to make a decision.

Factionalism aside, it may be a daunting task for Congress this time as the AAP is making its way into Himachal and is more likely to eat into the voting bank than the BJP.

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