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HomeNationalAbrarul Haq reveals his 'First Love' story MIGMG News

Abrarul Haq reveals his ‘First Love’ story MIGMG News

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Pakistani singer-songwriter Abrarul Haq shared his quite endearing love experience at the times of school and it was none other than his own school principal. He cracked a joke that someday he should get married to her since he feels her presence around him.

The singer later found his feelings for the principal to be really amusing.

Abrarul Haq is the king of Bhangra with his evergreen songs in Pakistani weddings. No wedding in Pakistan is complete without some of his bhangra numbers playing during the functions. Abrarul Haq is a multitasker as he did great in every field he stepped into from showbiz till politics. He is considered to be one of the most successful singers in Pakistan. He joined philanthropy and currently running a hospital successfully while he is also a well-known politician. Abrarul Haq also served as the Chairman of Red Crescent Pakistan till date.

Abrar has remained at the forefront with his hit songs since he has been part of the industry, but he is good at keeping his private life private. He is married to wife Hareem Abrar and the couple seems happily together.

Abrar once had a different one-sided love experience with his own school principal. He mentioned that his father used to meet her every time for complaints, so he felt her presence around him most of the times that he considered to get married.


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