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ajit pawar mistake, Ajit Pawar : Today I am the deputy chief minister of the state… Ajit dada stumbled while talking, then… – maharashtra political news opposition leader ajit pawar mistakenly calls himself deputy chief minister in baramati MIGMG News


Baramati : After the transfer of power, the positions of the leaders change, but it takes time to change the names that have been in the mouth for a long time. Examples of this are often seen around us. It was seen that something similar happened in the case of Leader of Opposition Ajit Pawar. As usual, Dada was referring to himself as the Deputy Chief Minister of the state, but within half a second he realized and corrected himself by saying that he was the Leader of the Opposition.

What happened?

Ajit Pawar was on Baramati tour yesterday. On this occasion, he inspected various development works in Baramati. After that he also interacted with the media. On this occasion, he was asked a question about revoking the suspension of suspended DCP Parag Manere in the Parambir Singh recovery case and resuming him in service.

Speaking on this, “I don’t know anything about this. I am on a tour since yesterday. I will get information about it after I go to Mumbai. Today I am talking to you as the Deputy Minister of the State… Leader of the Opposition. So it would be more appropriate to talk about it with full information. Rulers change. “I am of the opinion that everyone should work under the law, rules and constitution while working in the government,” said Ajit Pawar.

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Criticizing the Shinde government, Ajit Pawar further said, Eknath Shinde and Devendra Fadnavis became Chief Minister, Deputy Chief Minister. But they have not yet allocated the account. The Cabinet has not been expanded. There is no way to know which horse is eating the feed. We are meeting the Governor, the Chief Minister regarding the expansion of the Cabinet. When asked by the media, we are telling them this. Even the officers do not understand anything about working in a department for the past one month. Pawar said that this is the current situation.

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Monsoon session is always in the month of July. Now that August has started, why they are not getting the muhurat or the green signal from somewhere…there is no way to understand why they are afraid to form the cabinet even if it is a sentence. Saying this, Ajit Pawar said that he had met the Governor and told him to immediately form a cabinet and call a session to help the affected citizens of the flood-affected areas.

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