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Ajit pawar pune news, Uddhav Thackeray used to be disciplined when he was Chief Minister, but….; What exactly did Ajit Pawar say? – ncp leader and lop ajit pawar reaction on shivsena uddhav thackeray and cm eknath shinde MIGMG News


Pune : NCP leader and Leader of Opposition in the Legislative Assembly Ajit Pawar has criticized the state Chief Minister Eknath Shinde once again for violating the rules regarding loudspeakers. Uddhav Thackeray used to behave with discipline when he was the Chief Minister. But now a different picture is being seen. There is a section that says that if the rulers who make the laws are breaking the rules, then what should the common people do? Therefore, everyone should follow the law,’ said Ajit Pawar.

More than a month after the formation of the new government under the leadership of Eknath Shinde, the cabinet has not been expanded. Ajit Pawar also targeted the rulers on this issue. Decisions are not taken by the government in the interest of the people. So we are saying to expand the cabinet. But MLAs elected by the people have no rights. Shinde should answer about this. It is now clear that the Cabinet will not come into being without Delhiwari. Ajit Pawar criticized the Shinde government in these words, it is now coming to light that the expansion of the cabinet has been stopped due to the hearing of the Supreme Court.

Eknath Shinde: Eknath Shinde did a great job! Directly made ‘Uddhav Thackeray Group’

What did Ajit Pawar say about the attack on Uday Samant?

Shiv Sena’s rebel MLA Uday Samant’s car was vandalized in Pune a few days ago. When asked about this, Ajit Pawar said that there is CCTV footage of this attack and the police should find out who is behind the attack. This is the coward type. Ajit Pawar said that even if the activists who attacked belong to NCP, file a case against them.


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