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Ali Zafar reveals the reason behind Misha’s allegations MIGMG News

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Controversy is and always has been a part of the life of artists with massive fan following and grandeur, and Ali Zafar is the true definition of a renowned artist. He has come a long way from being nominated for the Filmfare Award in 2011 and receiving the Pride of Performance Award from the Government of Pakistan in 2021.

Zafar’s career was tried to derail with allegations of sexual harassment leveled by his co-star Meesha Shafi. Ali in an interview told all the details about the false allegations and how he dealt with them and the consequences he had to face because of them.

Mesha falsely claimed that Ali Zafar had sexually harassed her on multiple occasions. This was answered with a Rs 1 billion defamation suit by Ali Zafar against Shafi for defamation under the Defamation Ordinance 2002. its existence only because of false, defamatory and defamatory allegations.

The Cyber ​​Crime Wing of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), in December 2020, found Meesha Shafi, along with eight others, guilty of running a social media defamation campaign against Kil Dil’s Tutu, tarnishing his reputation .

Teifa appeared on The Talk Talk Show with Hassan Choudary where she talked about the allegations and how the situation unfolded.

He said: “I saw this coming. I told the real story to my friends and they told me I made a mistake hiding it from the public. Although I wanted to resolve the matter through court, I did not know that the court system would make me wait so long to seek justice. I believe that sane people have now understood the real thing without me explaining. The truth is that I secured a huge contract and soon after I started receiving threats that I would leave the project as soon as possible. However, I did not back down. Well, this controversy started circulating on the internet. They blackmailed me, but I continued, obviously, because these projects are my bread and butter.”

Ali said: “That one tweet by plaintiff Misha ruined his future projects. It’s been 5 years and here he is, still waiting for the pending judgment because she didn’t show up in court. Everything he stated are facts, not his opinions.”

Speaking about the aftermath of the case, Julie said, “My losses cannot be described in words, I have lost contracts worth crores, and they are all documented. I stayed at home for two to three years because there was no work, but I was grateful. This failure allowed me to value my relationships more than before. I’m at that point in my life when I love those who have wronged me.”

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