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An IndiGo flight in Surat Delhi was diverted to Ahmedabad after a suspected rah mgb bird strike MIGMG News

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Migmg news

A Surat-Delhi IndiGo flight was diverted to Ahmedabad following a suspected bird strike. Sources say that immediately after the plane took off from the Surat airport, a suspicious bird struck it. Due to this, the flight to Adel on Sunday morning was diverted to Ahmedabad.

He added that the IndiGo flight from Surat to Delhi landed safely at the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport here and no one was injured. These airport sources said 150 passengers and crew members were then flown to Delhi on another plane.

Aqasa Air Ahmedabad-Delhi Bird Strike Flight:

According to a report by News 18 Urdu, there have been such incidents before. According to a news item dated October 27, 2022, an Akasa Air flight to Delhi struck a bird during take-off on Thursday, damaging the plane’s radome. In a statement, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) announced that today the Akasa B-737-8 (Max) VT aircraft. YAF operational flight QP-1333 (Ahmedabad-Delhi) was struck by birds during take-off. After landing in Delhi at 1900 feet, the radome was damaged. The airline has announced an AOG (aircraft on ground) in Delhi.

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According to the above news, Aqsa Air spokesperson said that Aqsa Air flight QP 1333 flying from Ahmedabad to Delhi on October 27 was hit by a bird. The plane landed safely and all passengers were disembarked.

As a result, the plane was grounded for a detailed inspection, the statement said. The next flight is available and our customer service team is assisting passengers and making arrangements to accommodate their travel.

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