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Ana de Armas missed the blonde at Cannes, so would she head to Venice now? MIGMG News


This year, famous American actress Marilyn Monroe will not be seen in Cannes! Yes, yes, we know, it’s long gone. She died in 1962 of a barbiturate overdose. What we meant was that her autobiography, Blonde, would not be shown on the 75th anniversary of the Cannes Film Festival. This year, the festival takes place from May 17-28. It might come as a huge disappointment for her fans on the French Riviera who would have liked to see her legendary life come to life on the big screen.

If Hollywood is keeping Monroe alive, Cannes isn’t too late either. Ten years ago, Cannes chose a black and white shot of her for the festival poster – which described her as “an eternal icon whose grace, mystery and power of seduction remain contemporary…the festival is a temple of glamor and Marilyn is its full incarnation.”

Blonde, led by Andrew Domenech, was reportedly loved by the festival’s president, Thierry Frémaux. He wanted the biography to be part of the official selections for Cannes. Dominic was overjoyed. But who will stop the powerful lobby of theater owners and distributors in France?

Produced by Netflix, Blonde has been caught up in a shootout between the streaming giant and the festival. The blonde had to bow to the wishes of the lobby. It ruled that if a film is shown in competition, it should open in French cinemas soon after. Cannot stream for 18 months!

In a compromise, Netflix offered an eight-month window period between the theatrical release and its platform. Fremaux could not accept this. This means that the loss of Cannes could be a gain for Venice. We’ve seen this in previous years with films like Roma, Wedding Story, and The Power of the Dog, which was beloved on Lido (the quaint island off the mainland of Venice that hosts the festival) and went on to win Academy Awards.

But that being said, not all blonde is gorgeous. The film could erase the sheen of Monroe. Dominic’s work is said to be difficult and brutal, far from the kind of veneration we’ve seen in some other biographies like Spencer, for example. “There is something in the film that offends everyone,” the director told the media a few days ago. “It’s a demanding movie. If the audience doesn’t like it, that’s their problem. It’s not running for public office.”

Blonde is based on a book by Joyce Carol Oates published in 2000. The book is about rape. Dominic has been thinking about this project since the book was released and the dream became a reality for him. And with Cuban-Spanish actress Ana de Armas starring as Monroe, she looks a perfect blonde. Armas, who gave a great performance in Knives Out and Sergio, is said to have completely disappeared in character. Jessica Chastain and Naomi Watts were due to have performed the part earlier, but the deals fell through. So, Anna is the new Marilyn!

The author, who saw the film’s rough cut, described the film as “amazing, fantastic, deeply disturbing and, perhaps most surprisingly, quite a ‘feminist’ interpretation…I’m not sure any male director ever achieved anything.” [like] This is amazing.”

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