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Avinash Sable, who defeated a Kenyan in the 3000m hurdles at the Commonwealth Games MIGMG News


As he walked in the mixed area at Alexander Stadium here, Kenya’s 3,000m gold medalist Abraham Kibiwot was asked if he felt pressure from the young Indian chasing after him.’ I know the man who was following me (silver medalist) Avinash Sable from India) I know he’s not that fast. “I wasn’t afraid of him, that’s why I was in control of the race up front,” Kibewot said.

Well Kibiwot might take a brave face but for all those who watched the race it was obvious that the Kenyan had his heart in his mouth as he realized the Sable was pressing him with a great late kick and was practically shoulder to shoulder as he crossed the finish line a fraction of seconds ahead to claim the medal golden . Kibiwot is a very experienced rider having won the silver medal at the 2018 Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast and represented his country in the world championships as well.

He finished the race in 8:11.15 while Sable crossed the line in 8:11.20 which is a new national record for Sable and his best. The soldier from Bid district of Maharashtra was also expected to be subject to the Kenyan-controlled race since 1994.

But on Saturday, Sable was not bothered by the reputation nor the number of Kenyans in the race (there were three) and ran his own race. 2018 Commonwealth Games 3,000m Commonwealth Games Kenyan Consuels Kipruto, Rio 2016 Olympic gold medalist and two-time world champion, finished sixth and was extravagant in applauding the way the Sable outperformed in the race for the silver medal.

Indeed, Sable was so outstanding on Saturday that he became the first non-Kenyan to win a medal in the 3000m steeplechase at the Commonwealth Games since 1994. The Kenyans have won every hurdles race in the last 10 editions of the CWG, taking all the podiums. Sable entered the Kenyan stronghold and came out with a silver medal.

He also set a national record with a time of 8:11.20, his personal best, finishing second behind Kenyan Abraham Kibiwot, who took the gold in 8:11:15, and nearly finished the race at the end of the picture as he took some unknown reserves. of energy to produce a great kick, ending literally in Kibiwot’s heels. Kenya’s Amos Syrim won the bronze with a time of 8:16.83 seconds.

Despite taking the silver, Sable was not happy with his last lap and said he could have done better. Distance Medal.

Red Harshall Patel will also miss the Asian Cup due to a collateral strain, according to reports

Sable completed his first 1,000m in 2:40.5 and second in 2:47.2 while third was also a bit slower at 2:43.4, although Sable said he was a bit disappointed with the last lap, he made history on Saturday.

It is very difficult to beat a single Kenyan in the 3000m steeplechase, as on Saturday Avinash Sable beat two sprinters from that country to win a silver medal. And soon the enormity of his achievement crystallized. But given how humble he is, the 27-year-old will take the achievement in his stride as he gears up for his biggest dream – a medal at the Olympics.

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