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Barkhan incident: No action will be taken against Sardar Khetran until the charge is proved, Home Minister MIGMG News

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Migmg news

Quetta: After negotiations with the Balochistan government, Muri Qaumi Ittehad ended its demonstration against the Barkhan incident. Provincial Interior Minister Mir Ziaullah Longo said no charges against Abdul Rahman Ketran have been proven and no action will be taken until an investigation is carried out.

Balochistan Interior Minister Mir Zia Longo, talking to the media after the successful negotiations with the relatives, said that the incident in Barkhan is a humanitarian problem, the chief minister gathered everyone on this issue, called for immediate action, and the mission was to bring them back families, all institutions did nothing, the opponents only made political rhetoric about the sensitive issue and did not contribute to recovery.

He said that on the instructions of the Chief Minister, a special investigation team of the ZIT and the police was formed, the families announced the end of the demonstration while expressing gratitude for the recovery, and the relatives also appealed for the dead bodies to be handed over to them. They can be buried.

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Home Minister said that no action can be taken until the allegation is proved, Sardar Abdul Rahman Ketran has presented himself before the law on the allegations, we believe in practical measures and we are trying to ensure the implementation of the law. He added that in the past no incident report was filed.

The sitting is over, dead

On the other hand, after successful negotiations with the government, Muri Qaumi Ittihad and relatives announced the end of the sit-in, one faction resisted, but after the dead left for their native areas, the rest of the protesters also dispersed. from the red zone of Quetta. According to the latest information, the three bodies have been cremated.

Muhammad Khan Marri and Grand Naz talking to the media

Muhammad Khan Marri told media at the demonstration: “I am grateful to everyone who raised their voices because my wife and other children were saved because of them, the participants are requested to stop the demonstration.”

Gran Naz Bibi, the mother of the victims, who was released from the private prison, told the participants of the protest: “We were released after four years, for which I am grateful to Allah and to those who raised their voices. I am asking my children to give me the dead bodies, I want to see my martyred children for the last time.

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At the moment of Granaz Bibi’s address, bloody scenes were observed on the sitting table, while the recovered children were also sitting, whose faces showed the impact of fear.

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