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Bhiwandi News | The increasing pollution in Bhiwandi has become hazardous to the health of the citizens MIGMG News

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Bhiwandi pollution

Bhiwandi: Increasing pollution in the industrial city of Bhiwandi is becoming a threat to the health and life and property of the citizens, the poisonous smoke coming out from the industrial areas is increasing the air pollution in Bhiwandi day by day. Which is harmful to the health of the citizens as well as causing various diseases. Local citizens claim that the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board and the Bhiwandi-Nizampur Municipal Corporation, knowing all this, are sitting with their eyes closed and what is happening to the lives of the citizens. The fool has become a spectator of the mess.

It is significant that there are a number of companies spewing smoke in Bhiwandi town. These companies are directed by the government where there are instructions to use coal in the boilers installed, but the owners of the companies are burning the garbage in disregard of the rules. For which they have protection from the officers of the Municipal Corporation and MPCB. Because of this, nothing is being done even after the citizens complained about the poisonous fumes that are coming out en masse through the city.

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A viral video of trash burning, but no action

Similarly, after the video of garbage burning in dimensioning located at Devnagar, across the catchment of the city, no action is being taken against it due to which there is public outcry. Many types of questions are asked to the Municipal Corporation due to non-action after the petitioner repeatedly informed the authorities from the Municipal Environment Department about this. The petitioner said that there is a nexus of officials with large owners in the city, in which corruption cannot be ruled out. This is the reason why the authorities do not take any action against such dimensioning owners. The complainant stated that a few days ago this matter was taken to the Municipal Commissioner of Bhiwandi along with senior officials of the Government and the Pollution Department through Twitter, but they all remained mute spectators.

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