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BJP chief Neda says DMK is playing petty politics, not co-operative federalism MIGMG News

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BJP National Chairman JP Nada on Friday launched a scathing attack on the ruling Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) in Tamil Nadu accusing it of indulging in frivolous politics, legitimizing corruption and not working in the spirit of cooperative federalism. He claimed that it was an unfortunate situation for the Dravidian leaders to play the blame game while the government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP believed in the development and upliftment of all classes of people.

The BJP president has criticized the DMK ally Congress, saying that the party that has been representing the Sivaganga Lok Sabha constituency (now represented by Karti P Chidambaram) for so long, has done nothing valuable to development. Nada told reporters here, people from various political parties along with a large number of women, youth and from other sections are joining the BJP to support the pro-development policies of the Prime Minister who holds a special place in his heart for Tamil Nadu. He said, “Prime Minister Narendra Modi believes in the principles of cooperative federation and we are trying to see the maximum amount of money allocated to development work in Tamil Nadu.”

The Center initiated and accelerated prominent development projects in the country. “But here too I am sorry to say that the DMK government is playing frivolous politics. They do not operate in the spirit of cooperative federalism. They believe in the blame game. I am not here to raise issues that my dear friend Annamalai ji (Head of State) Nada said). He claimed that the DMK government that raised tariffs energy, lacks understanding of the subject. You must have an educated leadership. They must understand who the price is rising, what is the subject of the state, what is the central theme, and what is the simultaneous subject. DMK doesn’t know anything but believes in the blame game. It’s not fair,” he said.

DMK misled people. “This is the unfortunate situation in which leaders are trying to play the blame game and do not cooperate,” he said. The BJP believes in development. The Prime Minister also believed in the development of the state, and the advancement of the poor, peasants, women, youth, disadvantaged communities, and marginalized sectors of society.

“But the DMK government is perpetrating dynasty rule and corruption. They legitimize corruption and that is why I said yesterday that DMK stands for dynasty, money fraud and Katta Panchayat (Kanagaru Court). Their entire culture is corruption and support for dynasty rule,” the BJP chairman claimed. In summing it up For his two-day visit to the state that concluded today, Nada said through his interaction with party members and eminent personalities that he may find a major breakthrough in the interest of his party.

“The people of Tamil Nadu are very excited about the existence of a two-engine government. The BJP will surely gain support from all sectors of society and will eventually be a huge success,” he said. He added that the BJP, as a major party, is gaining strength and support due to the love and affection of the people of Tamil Nadu.

Earlier in the day, the BJP chief visited the famous Bilayarpati Vinayagar temple and performed prayers. Accompanied by party members, Nada had breakfast at the home of South Sakutai chief Mandal, Ramalingam, in the district.

At a meeting of the party wing chiefs in Sivaganga district, Nada urged them to prepare for the formation of the BJP government in Tamil Nadu under Modi’s leadership and direction. He concluded his visit with a floral tribute to the legendary Marudu Pande brothers at their memorial in Tirupator here. The brothers fought valiantly against the then British rulers and sacrificed their lives for the country’s freedom.

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