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Blizzard disrupts life in America MIGMG News

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In the United States, the blizzard grounded air traffic and knocked out power to thousands of homes, while hundreds of schools remained closed. The meteorological department is predicting more snowfall and gale force winds.

Blizzard disrupts life in America
Blizzard disrupts life in America


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In America, a heavy snowstorm swept the northern and upper western regions of the country. Strong winds and heavy snow piled up to two feet of snow across a wide area between the West Coast and Great Lakes on Wednesday.

Due to this snowstorm, air traffic was also suspended. At the same time, electricity was cut off to thousands of homes and hundreds of schools remained closed. According to the US website poweroutage.us, electricity was cut to millions of homes and other properties during this period.

The Midwestern city of Minneapolis was among the areas hardest hit by the storm, with winds of up to 45 mph and nearly 20 inches of snow. Given this situation, there is also a fear of “whitening”.

The storm is expected to move toward other US states, and officials have issued severe weather warnings for more than 50 million citizens. The US National Weather Service (NWS) has predicted up to two meters of snow and gusts of up to 95 km/h in some areas on Thursday. Heavy snow is also expected in areas that are usually warm near Los Angeles.

Travel hard in bad weather

NWS officials warned that a “historic winter storm” could make travel in the state of Minnesota impossible. “We are preparing for a storm that could be one of the largest storms in Minnesota history,” said Melvin Carter, mayor of St. Paul, Minnesota.

Temperatures in Sioux Falls, South Dakota also plunged below freezing and heavy snowfall disrupted life. Be warned about scrolling.

Weather officials in the state of Maryland said travel in the upper Midwest could be hazardous due to snow accumulation on roads. He also said snowy power lines and downed trees could also cause power outages Wednesday and Thursday.

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