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Bulldozers at MLAs’ petrol pumps after yogis’ threats’ MIGMG News


A petrol pump owned by MLA Shazeel Islam Ansari was demolished by district officials in Uttar Pradesh’s Bareilly on Thursday after he claimed to have built it without the necessary permits. Ansari had a few days back made provocative remarks against Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath.

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There was a petrol station on the Delhi-Rampur highway, ANI reported.

The controversy erupted on Monday when a video clip showing MLA Adityanath threatening and making provocative statements surfaced online.

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Addressing party supporters in Bareilly, Shazil Islam Ansari said: “If a sound comes out of his (Adityanath’s) mouth, the smoke will come out of our (Samajwadi Party’s) guns, not bullets.”

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An FIR or first information report was lodged against Ansari and some others for making “provocative statements” against the chief minister. He was charged with disturbing the peace, making threatening and provocative statements with the intention of inciting riots.

The MLA, however, questioned the authenticity of the video clip and claimed that his statement was incorrect. “A news channel edited my video and then it went viral. At the event, I said that as a strong opponent, we would respond strongly to all things like guns that release bullets and not smoke, “he was quoted as saying by PTI.


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