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China urges Ukraine, Russia to resume peace talks ‘as soon as possible’ MIGMG News

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China has urged Ukraine and Russia to resume peace talks “as soon as possible”. China’s foreign minister on Thursday urged Kiev and Moscow to resume peace talks “as soon as possible”, saying Beijing feared the conflict “could escalate and get out of control”.

Beijing “hopes that all parties will remain calm, exercise restraint, resume peace talks as soon as possible and get back on track for a political solution,” the foreign minister said. Gang Chin said his Ukrainian colleague Dmytro Kuleba in a telephone conversation.

The call was the first official conversation between the two since the Chinese foreign minister took office in December.

“China is concerned that the crisis could escalate and get out of control,” Chin said.

“China hopes that Ukraine and Russia will keep hope for dialogue and negotiations,” he added.

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China has been criticized by Western countries for failing to condemn Moscow’s invasion of its European neighbour, and last month strongly denied US claims that it was considering arms shipments to support Russia’s war effort.

Beijing last month published a position paper on Moscow’s war in Ukraine, calling for dialogue and seeking to position itself as a neutral mediator.

Qin reiterated his support for that proposal on Thursday, saying Beijing “upheld an objective and just position on the Ukrainian issue, committed to promoting peace talks and called on the international community to create conditions for peace talks.”

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