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“Choco”, a homeless man, celebrates his puppies’ birthdays

“Choco”, a homeless man, celebrates his puppies’ birthdays

COLOMBIA.- A man in street situation drew more than one tear and touched hearts with his story. In a video that went viral, he appears singing to him and leaving a birthday cake to her puppies.

The event occurs in Bucaramanga, Colombia, and there is “Choco”, who appears on the stairs putting party hats on his “friends”. She takes a cake out of a plastic bag, puts two candles on it, and begins to sing the “happy birthday” song while clapping her hands. After blowing out the candles, he hugs and kisses his dogs lovingly. Then he distributes a few pieces of cake and even wipes his tears.

Those who saw the recording recognized the great love that “Choco” has for his animals.

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Who is “Choco”?

Netizens did not hesitate to make this scene viral and identified the man. Thanks to the help of some people who approached him, gave him a phone and opened an Instagram account.

In a live broadcast posted on the Instagram of “Choco”, who is actually called José Luis Matos, it was known that he was originally from the municipality of El Peñón, in the department of Bolívar, who lived for several years in Barranquilla and came to Bucaramanga 10 years ago.

The cake was to celebrate his dog “Shaggy”, who has been with him for four years. His other friend is called “Nena” and he turns ten in November. His dream is to become a renowned rapper and build a dog shelter called “The Choco rescue ”.

“Choco” answered several questions from Internet users and revealed some painful passages in his life, as it was the physical abuse that led him to leave his home.

José Luis was helped by a young psychologist named Laura. “Choco” also took advantage of the space to publicize his phone number, for those who wanted to help him. His deep love for animals made him viral.

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