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CM Yogi Adityanath | The previous government was an expert only in the ‘game’ of scams: CM Yogi MIGMG News

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CM Yogi

Lucknow: While discussing the motion of thanks to the governor’s address, CM Yogi gave a befitting reply to every attack of the opposition. He reminded Leader of Opposition Akhilesh Yadav of his time about the statement made about his game and said there were many games in his time. Laptop cheat game, food grains cheat game, gomti river front game. As soon as the CAG report came, they mentioned the 97 thousand crore rupees scam during his tenure. The recruitment scam game also happened in the state.

CM Yogi said there was a lot of corruption and talent cheating in recruitment, this is also a game and Muzaffarnagar riots, Mathura Ramvriksha scandal game, burning journalist alive game including Bundelkhand crisis, Land mafia games are going on . Not only this, the game of withdrawing the cases against the terrorists was also going on. How far will these people take this game? I don’t want to play something like this. I am a normal person. I treat everyone with kindness. I treat myself with respect. I’m talking about everyone’s support and everyone’s development.

Caught in the first ball, this is his cricket

CM Yogi also attacked Akhilesh in a brazen manner. He said that a new discussion was heard here from the leader of the opposition party about the game. He was saying why are you watching the game alone. Brother, I am alone, I came alone and I must go alone. I thought if the leader of the opposition party is a big player then his name will be sent for some award. I thought it would be good if my predecessor CM’s name came in the Major Dhyan Chandra Khel Ratna Award. The example of how they played was seen in the newspapers. It said that it rained as soon as the CM came… In the 12th over, the CM’s shot stuck straight into the hands of captain Alok Ranjan. He plays cricket, gets caught in the first ball, but from there it is said to be a no-ball.

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Shivpal and Azam Khan also in wraps

At this discussion, CM Yogi also mentioned the statements of Shivpal Yadav and Azam Khan. He said that Shivpal Yadav gave a very good comment then. He said that one should always play with good intentions. I also have a sports certificate and I still play. However, in order to reach the goal, there should also be tricks and screws. CM Yogi, without taking Azam Khan’s name, said that he has another uncle Jan, his statement also came. He said that Mr. KO, it is good that you are getting time to play. God forbid, if you had lost, I would have said that the attention of the officials was more on the sport and less on the job. If the officers lose, then it can be assumed that they work a little.

It is from the fear here that ‘Kaka Sri’ has gained respect

The CM targeted Akhilesh while referring to Shivpal Yadav. He said that Lord Ram said that Bhai binu hoi na preeti… He is right about the fear here but at least Kaka Shri (Shivpal Yadav) has started getting respect. CM looking at Shivpal Yadav said whenever I see you I remember Mahabharata scene. An experienced person like you always gets cheated. They insult each other again and again. Samajwadi Party is not using your experiences and struggles. We respect him but Shivpal ji should also maintain his self respect.

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