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Cong is set to provide 50% representation to SCs, SCs, and minorities from outside the country at all levels of the organization. MIGMG News


Congress is to provide 50 percent representation to the Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, OBCs and minorities at all levels of the party organization as part of a social engineering effort to restore the confidence of the weaker sections. In changing the position on the quota within the quota in the Women Reservation Bill, the party is likely to decide to demand that from the reservation to women in the Lok Sabha and legislatures, there should be a proportional reservation for SC, ST and OBC women.

Senior Leader and Union Minister Salman Khurshid, addressing a media briefing on the deliberations of the Commission on Social Justice and Empowerment set up by party chairwoman Sonia Gandhi to lead discussions on the issue at the three-day conference in Congress said “Nav Sankalp Shintan Shaffer” here. The committee also recommended the establishment of a Social Justice Advisory Board for the President of Congress. Khurshid, who is the organizer of the Commission on Social Justice and Empowerment, said there will be an attached department that will collect data on social engineering and make it available to Pradesh Congressional Committees (PCCs) and other partisan units.

He said social justice is an initial obligation, but the primary tool for that is social engineering. K Raju, a committee member and coordinator to oversee the activities of the Minority Departments/Congressional Counter-Terrorism Committee, said the party constitution so far provides for a 20 percent reservation for SCs, tribes, minorities and minorities.

“The group discussed and decided that in the short term we should increase this percentage to 50 percent. Fifty percent reservation will be provided in all committees starting from cabin committees, block committees, district committees, central committees and childcare center,” he said. Participants that we need to go over 50 percent but members felt let’s first increase it from 20 percent to 50 percent.

Raju said that the group led by Khurshid had identified that there were many sub-castes within the SCs and AS and that the party needed to focus on those sub-castes which were not yet represented in the organization or in the government, and their fairness. With them. “Therefore, from now on, attention will be given to identifying those sub-castes in these societies which are not adequately represented within the organization and also in the government,” Raju said.

He said the committee also recommended that the CWC adopt that once every six months there will be a special session of the working committee, PCCs, DCCs to discuss all issues related to SCs, STs, OBCs and minorities, so that the party remains informed of their issues and takes decisions accordingly. Raju said the committee also discussed the main political commitments to demand and implement the government in power where Congress is in power.

“The group debated at length, the issue of the caste-based census for OBCs and all other societies. The group had strongly recommended that Congress demand and express its commitment to the caste census. As for quotas within quotas, Raju said that among the reservations made to women, should To have a proportional reservation for SC, ST and OBC women.

Asked why there was a shift in its position, when the UPA government passed the women’s reservation bill in the Rajya Sabha, it resisted the quota within the quota, Khurshid said, sometimes you have to push legislation strategically, we are committed to the quota system for women and it was a problem The quota is within the quota that we assumed there would be no easy and unanimous agreement on that, and the result would be that we would lose the women’s reservation at that point. “Therefore, a conscious strategic decision was made that allows us to get the stake first and then we will see further splitting.” Now we have lost a lot of time and the policy has also undergone a big change since then and we think now is the time to make your position clear, Khurshid said.

He said the party favors women’s participation in a cheerful way so that women from all walks of life can participate. “We don’t want anyone to think that there is a hidden agenda you are bringing to women but you are bringing in women who find it easy to get elected. So, after thoughtful input, we came to the conclusion that we are recommending to the CWC that now is the time to take the bull by the horns and make sure we get a share Within the stake is paid in one go, Khurshid said.

“There is no contradiction, we have moved on from that position where we have strategically felt that the stake should come first,” he added. In response to another question about the party’s change of position on the quota, Congress leader and former Union Minister Kumari Selga said: “There was no objection to this (within quota). At that time there was a coalition government and it was difficult to bring everyone together. together.

Raghu pointed out that one of the very important policies for the advancement of SC and SC was the Schedules Sub-Plan and Tribal Sub-Plan, and said that the group recommended the enactment of central legislation and state-specific legislation on them. Another important issue discussed by the group, Raju said, is in the process of recommending reservations in the private sector for SC and OBCs as jobs in the public sector are declining.

He said that the policy of providing reservations for OBCs in state legislatures and Parliament had also been discussed and the group tended to recommend reservations for OBCs in assemblies and Parliament. Discussions in the “Chintan Shivir”, which began on Friday, will continue on the third day as well, and the results will be recorded in the form of an announcement. The draft declaration will be discussed at the Congressional Working Committee (CWC) meeting, which will take place here on the third and final day of the conclave.

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