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Congress Should Worry, More Than Introspection, May Divide Into 60 Parties: Sunil Jakkar’s Voice in ‘Chintan Shivir’ MIGMG News


In this photo taken on February 13, 2022, Congress party leader Sunil Jakkar speaks at a press conference. Former Punjab Congress Party Chairman Sunil Jakkar announced his decision to withdraw from the party on Saturday 14 May 2022 (PTI Photo)

Chandigarh: Since the entire leadership of the Congress attends the party meetings’Shintan ShefferIn Udaipur, former Chairman of the Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee (PPCC), Sunil Jakkar, appeared live on Facebook and spoke as if his announcement of his resignation from the Congress party was not news to consider. at ‘dil ki patWith Facebook live, Jacquard said the party must look inward before it can strategize and policy on other matters of national interest.

“The gift of my parting or the gift of returning to Congress is that it needs concern more than introspection, for it is Congress that is required by Congress and not by two shunts. Otherwise, he will soon be close to one party in Congress to 60 parties in Congress.”

Congress sets up committees on foreign policy, agriculture, etc. as if everything else is fine in the party. “Take your house in order first and then talk about foreign policy,” Jacquard said.

Recent poll disasters for Congress

In what could be seen as an indirect action on Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, he said, “In UP, we lost the security deposit in 390 out of 412 seats, and nobody is talking about it? Hundreds of candidates got only 2,000 votes. Even in the Panchayat elections , gets more votes than congressional candidates in UP.” Notably, Priyanka Gandhi was personally supervising the affairs of the UP Congress in the run-up to the assembly elections.

Jacquard then said that the performance of Congress in two states – Uttarakhand and Punjab – is worth mentioning. He started with Uttarakhand, saying, “Lharish Rawat gave in Punjab and the other in Dehradun. He lost because he deserved it. And he lost Congress because he had a major role in it.”

Why vote forI eat BSP & I eat BJP’

On Punjab, he said the Congress has to learn from how the electors vote in these elections. This proves that Punjabis are secular. The Pantheon did not vote for the Akalis, the Hindus did not vote for the BJP, and the Dalits did not vote for the Congress. However, a small leader who had been awarded large positions said,Agar Hindu ko Punjab kaa CM banaya to aag lag jayegi (If a Hindu CM is made, it will lead to violence).” He was referring to Ambika Soni.

“If one had to vote on the basis of caste, and if the Congress felt that Dalits would have voted for them because of the Charangit Singh Chani factor, then the question arises and people ask this question often ‘why should we vote for slander BSP in Punjab or slander BJP (where Congress tried to emulate the BJP)? “

Tariq Anwar aka Sonya Vidishi Mahila service notice to me”

Tariq Anwar, who is in charge of AICC for Kerala and Lakshadweep, once left the party saying it could not be a part of the act headed by a foreign national. “Today he gives me notice of the reason for the show. What is his position?” Jacquard tore Tariq Anwar and then directed his anger back at Ambika Soni.

Jakkar said, “Sunyagi, you may not know, but people like Ambika Soni are friends in a temperate atmosphere. She was close to Sanjay Gandhi and that is why Indira Gandhi loved her. But she was the first to jump ship after the emergency. And ask Muhsina Kidwai, what kind of bad words did she use with Indira Gandhi”.

He added, “Janardan Dwivedi, Gulchin Singh Charak, Asha Kumari, Hrish Rawat, or Harish Chaudhry are all touching my aunt’s feet in Delhi. And this is Ambika Soni,” Jakkar said.

He added, “Without you, Soniaji and Rahulji, Congress cannot function. Today’s conference will be 60 years in your absence, but please get rid of these sycophants.”

Loss of Jakkar Exit Conference, Punjab leaders say

Immediately after his resignation, the leaders of Congress in Punjab said that the party should not have given him notice. Former Gill MLA Kuldeep Vaid said, “It is unfortunate that someone like Jakhar has left the party.”

Barinder Dillon of Rupnagar expressed his sadness and said Jacquard was a true congressman and should not resign. “I will talk to him and decide the future course of action,” said Sandeep Jakkar, Jakkar’s nephew, an MLA from Abuhar.

Navjot Singh Siddhu also said that Congress should not lose Jakkar. It is the loss of Congress, not its loss.

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