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Criminals will be eradicated from the Khushab area, including the Son Valley. DPO Khushab Asadur Rehman MIGMG News

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Nowshera Son Scissors (by Malik Zahid Farooq Awan) I will kill criminals, arms dealers, drug dealers and robbers from the entire Khushab area including Wadi Son. DPO Khushab Asadur Rehman
A delegation of Tehreek Tahafuz Wadi Sone Tehsil Nowshera under the leadership of Haji Malik Akhtar Islam Fatal met OPK Khushab Asadur Rahman and briefed about drug trade, arms smuggling and other problems in Sone Valley. Sellers, arms dealers, robbers, robbers and Few local interests who support them have destroyed the peace of Son Valley. Criminals, whether they are Afghans or local promoters, should be removed from the Valley soon, and the new generation of the Valley should soon protect yourself from drugs and crime. Son Valley has become a center of tourism, such criminals and extortionist vested interests facilitators should be brought to book so that the tourism of Son Valley is not affected.
During the meeting in the office of the Deputy Commissioner, DPO Kushab and other officials, numbered officials of the district were also present. DPO Khushab Asadur Rehman encouraged Tehreek Tahafuz Wadi Sone Manifesto and said that I will root out criminals, arms dealers, drug dealers, extortionists and robbers from the entire Sone Valley, God willing. Protecting people’s life and property is our first responsibility. Awan Union President Malik Tariq Mehmood Fatal, Pir Amir Sultan Chishti of Ogali Sharif, PTI Senior Leader Malik Altaf Awan, Numberdar Malik Tanveer Keha, Malik Mukhtar Darant, Master Noor Hussain Haral, Malik Shah Khalid Fatal, Councilor Malik Mazhar, Awan . Mustafa Haral Klar, Brother Malik Muhammad Ali Councilor Mardwal, Mian Muhammad Miana, Horticulture Malik Tariq Fatal, Malik Asghar Gujjar and others were involved. The delegation thanked DPO Kushab from the bottom of his heart for his assurance to resolve the issues.

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