current political situation in maharashtra 2022: housework, coconut water …; The fragrant story of Gunagara given by MLAs to Shiv Sena – how shivsena mla join eknath shinde in guwahati MIGMG News



M. Ta. Special Representative, Mumbai: Shiv Sena rebel leader Eknath Shinde left for Surat with some Shiv Sena MLAs after the results of the Legislative Council elections. But after that, how the other MLAs of Shiv Sena who joined his group escaped by shouting at Shiv Sena, only his savory stories have come to the fore!

Shiv Sena office bearers were alerted after Eknath Shinde’s revolt. Therefore, all these MLAs deliberately avoided leaving the Mumbai airport. He used to reach the Mumbai-Gujarat border at Talasari and from there reach Surat under tight security of Gujarat police. From there they would fly to Guwahati. But before that, he fought different ideas to make the office bearers of Shiv Sena and Yuva Sena angry.

Who, how did you find the way?

MLA Mangesh Kudalkar: Kudalkar along with his fellow Shiv Sena office bearers drank coconut water at his office in Kurla. After drinking coconut water, he escaped in two minutes.

MLA Yogesh Kadam: Kadam left at half past midnight saying that there is important work at Kandivali’s house. He was accompanied by an officer of Yuva Sena. However, on the way, they pushed the officer down and he fled in a speeding vehicle.

MLA Sada Sarvankar: An agitation was organized in front of Shiv Sena Bhavan against the rebels from Shiv Sena. In it, MLA Sada Sarvankar and his daughter were both in the forefront of shouting slogans against the rebels. But within hours, they took the road to Guwahati.

Minister Gulabrao Patil: Gulabrao Patil had deliberately left a hotel in Mumbai twice. When asked by fellow Shiv Sena office bearers, Josh used to say, ‘Hey, why am I going to run away, I am a bitter soldier’. After that, for the third time, he wanted to bring something from the car, he said.

Agriculture Minister Dada Bhuse: When Shiv Sena office bearers used to take Bhuse to the meetings of MLAs, Bhuse used to get angry with him. He used to warn them that we are staunch Shiv Sainiks and it is not proper to treat us like criminals. Therefore, Shiv Sena office bearers had somehow removed their gaze from him. Taking advantage of this, Bhuse escaped from there.

Signature from CM!

One MLA pretended that he was with Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray. The culmination of this was going to ‘Varsha’ and getting the development work file signed by Uddhav Thackeray and then leaving Mumbai in a way that no one would know.



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