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The Deputy Speaker has taken this step out of fear of his master Imran Khan or in his political interest, he has damaged the already weak democratic system of Pakistan.

File image IANS
File image IANS

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A leading Pakistani newspaper has accused National Assembly Deputy Speaker Qasim Suri of giving a major blow to the country’s democracy by canceling a no-confidence vote against Prime Minister Imran Khan.

The Dawn newspaper wrote in its editorial that when Qasim Suri arbitrarily ruled on Sunday that 197 elected opposition members of parliament were involved in a foreign conspiracy against the government, he “misused” the constitution. In doing so, Mr Surrey violated his “obligation to vote freely and fairly” in parliament.

The editorial said, “If they had seen history, they would have found great examples of legally discharging their constitutional duties and fulfilling their obligations.” Raised out of fear of Khan or for his own political interests, he has damaged Pakistan’s already weak democracy. “

Through the agency, the Deputy Speaker was reminded that his real master is not Imran Khan but the National Assembly. He said that the Speaker of Parliament should be the protector of the members of Parliament.

The editorial called on the Supreme Court to quash Qasim Suri’s decision, saying “this is not only the last chance for the constitution but also the last chance for democracy in Pakistan.”

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