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Death in Nagpur from H3N2 | Dark shadow of H3N2 in Maharashtra, another patient died in Nagpur MIGMG News

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Dark shadow of H3N2 in Maharashtra, another patient died in Nagpur

Maharashtra/Nagpur: Somehow after about 3 years the corona wave stopped, now after this a new crisis has appeared in Maharashtra. Please say that right now H3N2 is wreaking havoc. Yes, Nagpur has become the second victim of H3N2 virus after Ahmednagar. A 78-year-old patient infected with H3N2 flu has died. The health system collapsed due to this incident.

H3N2 one death in Nagpur

As you know, the H3N2 influenza virus is increasing rapidly after the corona pandemic. The number of sick people is increasing throughout the country. After Pune in Maharashtra, the number of patients is also increasing in Nagpur. Similarly, a 78-year-old patient died in a private hospital. This patient had diabetes as well as other high blood pressure.

incentive in the health system

When this patient was tested for H3N2, the report was positive. The death of a patient from this virus has caused confusion in the healthcare system. The health department clarified that the death will be registered as a death from H3N2 only after the death has been verified.

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A patient infected with H3N2 died of corona in the city

Meanwhile, information has come to light that a patient has died in Ahmednagar, who was infected with the recently discovered H3N2 virus in the country. Samples from this patient have been sent for testing. The patient was a student at the Faculty of Medicine. He is being treated in a private hospital. He died during treatment. This patient was infected with corona.

To test a sample of 19 people

Samples from 19 people who came into contact with him have been sent for investigation. This young man went out for a walk. He was later tested and found to be infected with H3N2.

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