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deepak kesarkar, no need to mess with Rane, Kesarkar’s position will be replaced in just one and a half months? MIGMG News


Mumbai :After the breakaway MLAs led by Eknath Shinde and the new BJP government came to power, Shinde entrusted the major responsibility of the spokesperson to leader Deepak Kesarkar. But within a month and a half, movements have started to remove the responsibility of the spokesperson from him. Some BJP MLAs are upset because Kesarkar has made statements in several press conferences over the past 3 weeks that will create bitterness in the BJP-Shinde group. It is reported that he has complained about Kesarkar to Devendra Fadnavis. BJP MLAs have also filed a complaint against Kesarkar with Chief Minister Eknath Shinde. As a result, information is available from official sources that Kesarkar will be removed from the post of Chief Spokesperson and Kiran Pavaskar will be appointed as the Chief Spokesperson of the Shinde Group in his place.

Deepak Kesarkar is known as a staunch opponent of Rane. His staunch political antagonism in Sindhudurg district is known to the whole of Maharashtra. Here in the state, Shinde-Fadnavis came together to establish power, but Kesarkar continued to fire cannons at Narayan Rane whenever he got an opportunity. Even in the case of Sushant Singh Rajput’s death, Narayan Rane repeatedly defamed Aditya Thackeray by name, Kesarkar made a serious accusation against Rane. After that, Narayan Rane and his son were very upset. He directly complained to Devendra Fadnavis about Kesarkar. It is known that many complaints of Kesarkar have reached the ears of Eknath Shinde here. Due to this, it is speculated that Kesarkar may be removed and Kiran Pavaskar will be given the responsibility of Chief Spokesperson in his place.

Rajan Teli, a supporter of Rane, has given support to Deepak Kesarkar, unnecessarily creating bitterness in the BJP-Shinde group. He has made a direct demand to Fadnavis that he should stop talking. Deepak Kesarkar has not been given the right to say what BJP leaders say. Deepak Kesarkar should pay some attention in his constituency. Rajan Teli said that while people are happy with the Shinde-Fadnavis government in the state, Kesarkar’s statement is creating bitterness in the BJP-Shinde group, which should be avoided.

Will Kesarkar become a minister?

Deepar Kesarkar has been strongly supporting the Shinde group for the past month. From the prolonged expansion of the cabinet to questions on the Thackeray family – Kesarkar is handling the matter in every few words. But in the meantime, the Ranes were questioned that the arrow in Kesarkar’s rice had escaped… They do not leave a single opportunity to criticize the Ranes.

Since the last quarter of a month, Shinde group and BJP aspirants have been eyeing the cabinet expansion. Some are sitting on their knees bashing for ministership, while some have immersed their gods in water. Deepak Kesarkar is a former Minister of State for Home Affairs. Kesarkar did not have any ministerial position in the Thackeray government, but now his ministerial position is considered certain.


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