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Despite how bad and useless I was, I loved my mother very much MIGMG News

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Despite how bad and useless I was, I loved my mother very much

Author: Malcolm X

Translated by Imranul Haque Chauhan

Episode: 8

During the summer season, I used to steal watermelons from the fields at night with other children. To white people, stealing watermelons was attributed exclusively to blacks, and if a white child was ever found stealing, he was dismissed as a black copycat. White people usually excused their children’s misbehavior by blaming it on black association. On the night of the Halloween festival, all of us kids went out to pick watermelons. We all got in in order, for the white children thought it a natural right to lead in all things, so at first the two white children, as soon as they opened the fence, fell neck to neck into the dirty water, which was exceedingly dirty and stinking.

I started learning different things, I started picking strawberries, in which after a whole day’s work I was paid 1 dollar, which was a lot of money at that time. I was very hungry and couldn’t decide what to buy with $1. On the way I met Richard Dixon, a white boy a little older than me. He invited me to play toss. He would flip a coin and I would ask for a tip or a turn setting. and I went home starving and ashamed, but the real fury came when I found out that Richard had cheated on me. That was my first lesson in the world of gambling that if you see someone winning all the time, know that he is not gambling, but cheating. Later in life, when I lost a lot of money gambling, I carefully watched my opponent’s moves. And he continues to beat black people from head to toe. At the same time, Seventh-day Adventist preachers started coming to our house and giving our mother books and magazines to study. Because of the company of these people who came and read to them, our mother became more strict about food and drink. These preachers practiced the “Mosaic Dietary Laws.” We children were only interested because the good food they brought was heard in large numbers by both blacks and whites. They said doomsday is coming and very soon they will all. I have never seen white people more moral than them.

Meanwhile, government workers were constantly coming to our house, whose presence my mother loudly expressed her disapproval. They started to sow seeds of distance from each other in our minds children They asked us strange questions like who is more intelligent among us? Who is darker or why am I different from my siblings?

When my mother protested about it, they increased the pressure on my mother through me, they said that since I started stealing, it proves that my mother is not training me properly, so hand me over to better people. It has to be given. I don’t know when the state workers accused my mother of losing her mental balance. These workers were like disgusting vultures, they did not respect our mother’s dignity and feelings. He said that since your mother refused to eat pork, she is angry. This was when our home began to fall apart. Even though I was bad and useless, I loved my mother so much that the workers decided to hand me over to the Gohana family. My mother made such a fuss. That these people temporarily suppressed the topic. (continued)

Note: This book is published by Book Home (all rights reserved).


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