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Durefishan unveils her family’s secret for skincare beauty MIGMG News


Fabulous Pakistani TV actress and model Durefishan has revealed secret skincare routine that is inspired and followed by her family; simply using ingredients that can be easily found in our kitchens.

This economical skincare recipe has become her regular routine on days when she feels her skin is damaged after persistent shooting in sunny days and dusty weathers.

By considering most of the regular skin issues Durefishan claimed her recipe to be one of the best reliable solutions.

Watch the video below and witness Durefishan’s secret beauty routine.

Durefishan Saleem is one of the most recognized beauties of Pakistan showbiz industry these days. Her skin could be the reason that can get females to envy her. Her flawless and glowing skin is maintained by the special skin-care routine that not only she but her family follows it too. She finally provides the solution to many of the women out there facing skin problems just by a DIY mask using home ingredients.

This economic mask comprises of barley flour, almond flour, orange peel powder and yogurt. She also guides with giving the practical demonstration as she swears for skin to be in its perfect tone. After mask she also suggests to apply honey to brighten up tone along with her self-made toner containing rice water with dried rose petals in it.


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