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ED has frozen 25 bank accounts of Shantanu and 10 of Kuntal MIGMG News

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Kuntal Ghosh in jail till March 30
In the recruitment scam, Shantanu was the Guru and Kuntal was his disciple.
street reporter
Kolkata: In the SSC recruitment scam, Shantanu played the role of a mentor and Kuntal played the role of a student. ED’s lawyer gave this information to the court on Friday. Kuntal Ghosh was again produced in the special ED court on Friday. During the court hearing, the ED counsel told the court that around 25 bank accounts of Shantanu Banerjee and his wife have been frozen so far. About Rs 1.5 lakh was recovered from there. Apart from this, 1.16 crores from 10 bank accounts of Kuntal have been discovered. This money is the money returned to Kuntal by Soma Chakraborty and Boney Sengupta. Apart from this, there were about 15 million rupees in those bank accounts of Kuntal. The ED counsel told the court that transactions of Rs 6.50 crore were detected from two bank accounts of Kuntal. The said money entered two private bank accounts and was then transferred. Kuntal did not give a precise answer to the ED about the transaction of the said amount. Apart from this, the form of the partnership is also known. Kuntal has invested Rs in short films and music videos. Boney Sengupta and Soma Chakraborty returned the money taken from Kuntal.
ED wants to interrogate Kuntal in jail in connection with the Rs 6.50 crore transaction
On Friday, ED’s lawyer Firoz Edulji opposed Kuntal Ghosh’s bail plea. Firoz Edulji appealed that Kuntal Ghosh should be questioned in jail in connection with Rs 6.5 crore and a short film. Investigations are required to ascertain the source of Rs. Meanwhile, Kuntal Ghosh’s lawyer Mehdi Nawaz said that the bank account and money the ED is talking about is my client’s white money. During this, Justice Vidyut Kumar Rai asked Kuntal Ghosh’s counsel if there were any documents regarding the money deposited in your client’s account. On this, Kuntal’s lawyer said that this will make my defense public.
The judge told Kuntal’s lawyer – reveal the source of the money
After this, the judge said that such a large amount of money entered a giro account and went to another account. You must cite its source. This is a very serious matter, the judge said. Where is the source of money? The judge told Kuntal Ghosh’s lawyer, “Disclose this. There is nothing to hide. As money comes and goes from your customer’s account, you have to tell.” If someone buys 10 houses, cars, then he should tell the source of the money. This law is not just about money laundering, this law is about preventing corruption in the state. On this day, Kuntal Ghosh’s lawyer filed an appeal for bail on any condition. On the other hand, advocates Firoz Edulji, Bhaskar Prasad Banerjee, on behalf of the ED, opposed the bail and applied to send Kuntal Ghosh to jail. After hearing both sides, the court sent the accused to custody until March 30.


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