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Ed Sheeran wins copyright over ‘Shape Of You’ case after 4 years, criticizes ‘baseless’ claims MIGMG News


LondonSinger-songwriter Ed Sheeran has finally won a copyright battle in a British court over his 2017 blockbuster book ‘Shape of You’. He didn’t plagiarize the song from a lesser-known track. According to Billboard, a judge ruled that the hit single Sheeran, which spent 12 weeks at the top of the Hot 100, did not infringe on 2015 song Oh Why by artist Sami Shoukry and music producer Ross O’Donogh.

Judge Anthony Zaccaroli ruled that there was no evidence that Sheeran intentionally or subconsciously copied from “Oh Why” when he wrote his song. He said that while “there are similarities” between the two songs, “there are also major differences”. He added, “The two phrases at the heart of the feud play very different roles in their respective songs, with the ‘Oh Why’ hook reflecting the song’s slow, melancholy and questioning mood, while Sheeran’s ‘Oh I’ line serves as something appealing to fill the bar.”

A jubilant Sheeran took to social media to claim victory in the lawsuit over a video clip, criticizing “unfounded allegations” about plagiarism and the damage it is doing to the industry.” While we are clearly pleased with the outcome, I feel that allegations like this are now very common and have become a culture In which a claim is made with the idea that a settlement would be cheaper than taking it to court, “even if there is no basis for this claim,” Sheeran said in the video.

“It’s really harmful to the songwriting industry. There are only too many beats and too few chords used in pop music. Serendipity must happen if 60,000 songs are released per day on Spotify.” He continued, “I just want to say: I am not an entity, I am not a company, I am a human being, a father, a husband and a son.”

“Laws are not an enjoyable experience and I hope this ruling means in the future that baseless allegations like this can be avoided,” Sheeran said. His song ‘Shape of You’, which has garnered 2.2 billion on-demand streams so far in the US, has topped multiple charts worldwide including Australia, Germany, France, UK and Billboard Hot 100, where it held number one for 12 weeks and also spent A total of 59 weeks on the US chart.

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