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Egyptian march, gun salute, VVIP front line workers MIGMG News

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Apart from the army, the Republic Day parade will feature highlights of DRDO and ex-servicemen and Agnivur will also participate in the parade.

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Image courtesy of IANS


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India is celebrating its 74th Republic Day today on January 26. Like every other time in the parade, this time too there will be tables from many countries. Along with this, 50 aircraft of the Air Force will show their strength. This year, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi will be the chief guest at the Republic Day celebrations.

This time Republic Day will see many new things. Because for the first time the Republic Day Parade will pass through the Kartwe route. Earlier this place was known as Rajpath. But this time Government of India developed this place and named it as Kirtway track. Hence, the Republic Day parade will not be held on Rajpath but on Kartwe track.

It will also be the first time that VVIPs will not be in the front row to watch the Republic Day parade. This time, rickshaw pullers, sidewalk vendors, cartway workers and their relatives will sit in the front row. The Government of India named it Sharm Jivi. Earlier, the front row of the Republic Day parade was always reserved for VVIPs, but this time the workers will get a front row seat.

Along with this, the workers working in the Central Vista project will be honored. This time there will be a demonstration of women power on Republic Day. Squadron Leader Sindhu Reddy will lead the Indian Air Force Marching Band for the Republic Day Parade. Additionally, there will be many all-female marching bands. It is special that apart from the army, the Republic Day parade will also include high points of DRDO and ex-servicemen, and Agnivar will also participate in the parade.

This year, Egypt’s president will be accompanied by his country’s 120-strong marching band to take part in the Republic Day parade. Along with this, for the first time, the indigenous 105 mm guns will be accompanied by a 21 gun salute instead of 25 guns. It is also a symbol of India’s self-reliance. With its final run to the parade, the Navy’s IL-38 jet will enter the history books. This naval spy plane has served the Navy for almost 42 years. Nine Rafale jets and light attack helicopters will be among the 44 aircraft taking part in the flyover, and there will be tight security arrangements during the parade.

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