eknath shinde rebel: Eknath Shinde’s attempt to keep Shiv Sena as his original party; The whole strategy – eknath shinde rebel in now court MIGMG News



Mumbai: Whether to go with BJP and form a government; It is learned from reliable sources that Shiv Sena rebel leader Eknath Shinde has focused on the legal battle over how the Shiv Sena is the original party and how the party’s bow and arrow will come to its own group rather than how to do it. It is understood that a large army of BJP law pundits is also with him for this legal battle. Although it is difficult for Shinde to succeed easily in this, it is understood that he will fight a legal battle in the next few days to get the entire Shiv Sena in trouble on this issue.

After the removal of Eknath Shinde from the post of Shiv Sena faction leader and the appointment of MLA Ajay Chaudhary, Shinde immediately sent a letter to the Deputy Speaker of the Legislative Assembly Narhari Jirwal stating that such action was illegal. With the signatures of 34 MLAs, he has appointed Bharat Gogavale as the main party spokesperson. How will the original party of Shiv Sena remain with us along with the group leadership of Shiv Sena; It is understood that they have started strategizing for legal action so that the party’s bow and arrow symbol will remain with them.

If Shiv Sena, the original party, stays with the group, they will be able to claim that the rebel MLAs are not traitors but Shiv Sainiks. That is why they are repeatedly saying that we are on the path of Hindutva, we are the soldiers of Shiv Sena chief Balasaheb Thackeray. He understands that he is getting a lot of help from BJP’s legal experts to claim the Shiv Sena party. For this, some officials of the Central Election Commission, some old officials in the legislature; It is understood that help is also being sought from the staff of Raj Bhavan. Water Supply Minister Gulabrao Patil, Yogesh Kadam and Chandrakant Patil have split in the last 24 hours. So, it is understood that some MLAs have been trying to keep Shiv Sena office bearers in the dark till the last moment, unknowingly passing their information to Shinde and jumping into Shinde’s group as per the situation.

Confirmation of Shinde

When contacted, Eknath Shinde said, “We will not go to any party and MLAs will not part with Balasaheb Thackeray’s views.”



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