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Electrical workers’ strike continues, talks will be held with Energy Minister, Jal Nigam also supported MIGMG News

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Professional workers are on strike in UP and will once again talk to the Minister of Energy. At the same time, the power workers have now also got the support of the Jal Nigam

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Lucknow: Electricity workers’ strike continues unabated in Uttar Pradesh. Negotiations were also conducted between the striking employees and Energy Minister AK Sharma, but they failed. However, on Sunday, today, there will be negotiations again and efforts will be made to find a solution to the problem. Meanwhile, an FIR has been registered against 22 officials, including Shailinder Dubey, convener of the employees’ organization (Vidyut Karmachari Sanjukat Singarsh Samiti) in connection with the strike.

It may be noted that the meeting between Minister A.K. Sharma and Sangrish Samiti on Saturday was inconclusive and it became clear that the strike will continue for the third day i.e. Sunday. Informing about the talks with the Power Minister, Sangarash Samiti convener Shailinder Dubey said that the talks are not over yet. Meanwhile, the symbolic strike will continue.

Regarding registration of FIR against 22 officials, Shailinder Dubey said I know that FIR has been registered against me. There may be arrests, but this movement will not stop. The strike will continue. The Minister of Energy, giving information about the negotiations, said that tomorrow it can be negotiated again.

On the other hand, the electrical workers’ strike also received support from Jal Nigam. A letter issued by the Jal Sanstan Employees’ Federation said that we appeal to the Minister of Energy to try to end the strike by meeting the legitimate demands of the employees. Otherwise UP Jal Sansthan Employees Federation will support this strike.

On the other hand, the opposition parties verbally attacked the BJP over the electricity workers’ strike. Sharing a picture, SP chief Akhilesh Yadav wrote, “Delhi-Lucknow is bullying both UP residents and power workers to hand over electricity to private hands. BJP wants to take away the jobs of contract workers? How will the police, who are unable to handle law and order, handle electricity? Why is a corporation that was operating at a loss at the time of SP now at a loss?


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