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New Delhi:Email Scams: Cybercrime is happening every day in the world of internet. Cybercriminals are finding new ways to defraud people financially. Just as billions of scams are unfolding in the real world, the same thing is happening in the cyber world. There have been similar scams involving online fraud and emails. Business email scams or email account compromises cost people as much as 2.4 billion (approximately Rs 187 billion) in 2021. In this scam, both business and personal accounts were targeted by cyber criminals. Accounts that are used for fund transfers are targeted by scammers.

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How much damage was done?

The year 2021 saw the highest number of such scams in the United States. According to the FBI report, there has been a huge increase in cyber crime in the last year. According to the agency, people lost рек 2.4 billion in business and personal email scams in 2021. Of these, 59 percent occurred in the United States, 38 percent in Britain, and 3 percent elsewhere.

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How are people deceived?

Hackers use spoofing or personal email accounts for scams. But now Fraudsters is using the virtual meeting platform for hacking. This leads to the theft of business leaders’ credentials and fraudulent wire transfers. These fraudulent wire transfers are instantly transferred to a cryptocurrency wallet. Which makes recovery difficult.

Fraud in the name of investment

This is another investment scam. Many such scams have come to light in which users are misinformed to invest. Such scams are designed to entice the investor to make more money with less risk. Retirement, 401K, Ponzi and Pyramid are similar scams. People have lost millions of rupees in this.

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