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Emergency landing on the flight to Bangkok MIGMG News

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The Spicejet flight was flying from Kolkata to Bangkok
There were a total of 178 passengers and 6 crew members on the flight.
Kolkata: A SpiceJet flight from Kolkata to Bangkok suffered a technical glitch during take-off, forcing it to make an emergency landing again at the Kolkata airport. There were a total of 178 passengers and 6 crew members on the flight. Everyone was put on another flight. According to information, an emergency landing of SpiceJet flight number SG 83 / ATD was carried out late on Sunday evening. The plane took off from Calcutta airport at 13.09 for Bangkok. Soon after take-off, the engine failure event came to light, after which the flight was landed back at Kolkata airport at 1.27 am. According to sources, a blade of the plane’s left engine was broken during takeoff, so the flight was declared grounded. Following this, the airline arranged another flight and dropped all passengers in Bangkok at 7.10am on Monday.
An airport representative said that after the plane was towed, a thorough investigation was carried out. The Kolkata airport authorities had ambulances, CISF, fire tenders, an emergency evacuation team and doctors ready for any emergency, but it was not needed as the pilot landed safely and all the passengers disembarked without any problems. The full state of emergency declared at the airport was then lifted at 2am. After disembarking the passengers, the aircraft was thoroughly inspected. A special flight was arranged for all these passengers to fly to Bangkok about 6 hours after the incident. According to a SpiceJet spokesperson, the flight took off at 7:10 am and has now reached Bangkok airport safely.


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