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Extremist Hindu organizations have trouble with Muslim fruit sellers MIGMG News


Hindu extremist groups have called for a boycott of Muslim fruit sellers to end their alleged “monopoly”. These organizations have called for halal items, loudspeakers and a ban on the hijab.

India: Extremist Hindu organizations have trouble with Muslim fruit sellers
India: Extremist Hindu organizations have trouble with Muslim fruit sellers


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Hindu extremists in the southern state of Karnataka have appealed to Hindus not to buy from Muslim fruit sellers in the latest episode of growing hatred and provocation by Hindu extremist organizations against Muslims. Allegedly “the monopoly has ended.”

Chandra Mogar, coordinator of the Hindu Jagarti Samiti, in a statement on Twitter, appealed to Hindus to buy fruits only from Hindu vendors. Mogar accused Muslims of “wholesale jihad”. “Muslims have a monopoly on the fruit trade,” he said. We see them spit on fruit and bread before they sell it. Muslim traders are waging jihad.

Another extremist Hindu leader, Paras Nath Sambargi, also called for a boycott of Muslim fruit sellers. “Muslim traders are reaping the benefits of the hard work of Hindu farmers,” he said. Hindu farmers are at the mercy of a certain group. ”

Hindu extremist organization Ram Sena has also appealed to Hindus to boycott Muslim fruit sellers. Ram Sena alleges that Muslim traders use various tactics to buy fruits from Hindu farmers at cheap rates.

Ram Sena made headlines after protesting Valentine’s Day and attacking women who came with his family to a pub in Mangalore in 2009.

A boycott appeal amounts to treason

Asaduddin Owaisi, president of the All India Majlis-e-Ittehad-e-Muslimeen and a member of parliament, said the call by Hindu extremist organizations to boycott Muslim fruit sellers was an attempt to make Muslims untouchable.

Criticizing the BJP government in Karnataka, he said that the state government had accepted the law of ‘mob violence’ and endangered the livelihood of the poor.

Former Karnataka Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy termed the boycott appeal as treason. “Muslims’ call for a boycott is tantamount to ‘betrayal’ of India and farmers,” he said. Those who make such appeals are enemies of the nation and enemies of the peasantry. Muslim traders buy fruits from Hindu farmers and help them.

What does the government say?

The state government says some vested interests are trying to provoke the issue.

Karnataka Education Minister Ashwath Narain said his government was against it. “We do not take responsibility for it and our party is not responsible for it. It is very clear to us as a government that we are not against any Indian citizen or our brothers belonging to other sects. “

The BJP leader said, “There is no question of hatred in a relationship that has been formed for centuries and decades. We may have differences, but we need to talk to each other and end it. ”The state’s fruit growers’ union has also opposed the boycott.

Earlier, the call for a boycott of halal meat on the occasion of Hindu festival Ogari had no significant effect. Hindu buyers were in large numbers at Muslim butcher shops across Karnataka. On the occasion of Ogadi, Hindus celebrate the New Year by eating meat.

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