Facebook Meta Pay: Facebook Meta Pay: Facebook Pay will now be known as Meta Pay, announced by Mark Zuckerberg; Big change to happen – meta pay, digital wallet for metaverse announced MIGMG News



New Delhi: Facebook Meta Pay: Meta has renamed its digital payment platform Facebook Pay to Meta Pay. The company has also launched a digital wallet for Metaverse. This is a major step taken by the company towards simplifying the payment process through Metavers. Announcing this, the company’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg wrote in a Facebook post that today the name of Facebook Pay has been changed to Meta Pay. This will allow you to shop and transfer money as before. Also, fund raising campaigns run on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger can be easily donated.

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Mark Zuckerberg informed that we are adding new things along with the old facilities. Metavers will now also have a wallet, which will securely identify, purchase and process all information about the payment process. Zuckerberg added that in the future, there will be many digital items that you can buy. This will include digital clothing, art, video, music and other items. Honorship will also be important for these items. Metavers Wallet will be useful for this. You can buy anything in one place just by signing in to Metavers.

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This kind of interoperability will create great experiences for people and great opportunities for creators. Digital goods will be easily available in one place, creating a huge market for creators, said Mark Zuckerberg. Earlier in May, the company announced that meta branding was also being used for Facebook Pay and would soon be renamed Meta Pay. Facebook launched its own payment process in November 2019 to work on the app ecosystem – Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp. The company called it Facebook Pay.

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