Fake Gold: Exciting! 4 lakh cheated by four strangers by giving fake gold – a couple was cheated of Rs 4 lakh by four strangers by giving fake gold MIGMG News



M. Ta. Representative, Jalgaon

A couple in Jalgaon city has been cheated by unknown persons. The gold jewelery was found in the excavation and four strangers have cheated the couple for Rs 4 lakh 20 thousand saying that they want to sell it. (A couple was cheated of Rs 4 lakh by four strangers by giving fake gold)

Subhash Ramdas Lokhande (age 54, resident of Vishwadeep Colony, Pimprala) along with his wife on June 13. J. The market area had come for shopping. This time they met two strangers there. “We have found jewelery worth lakhs of rupees in the excavation. If you want, we will give you less money,” he said. Believing in these two, the Lokhande couple showed readiness to buy gold. The couple then gave the couple a gold bead. The couple took it to the bullion and checked that the bead was genuine. This convinced them.

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After this, strangers took Subhash Lokhande’s phone number. The conversation lasted for two or three days. After this, on 17th June, the scoundrels called Lokhande to Pandey Chowk with money. At this time, four vagrants were standing in the chowk with a woman. Lakhande paid Rs. 4 lakh 20 thousand to the vagrants. He handed a bag to Lakhande and told him to go home soon.

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On 21st June, Subhash Lakhande took the gold from the vagrants to the bullion for investigation. Subsequent investigations revealed that the gold was counterfeit. After realizing that he had been cheated, Lokhande finally rushed to the district police station. A case has been registered against Lokhande in this regard.

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