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Mumbai: Actress Chhavi Mittal (Health Update) is inspiring many today. Many posts of the actress have gone viral after undergoing breast cancer surgery (Chhavi Mittal Cancer Fight). Even in these difficult times, she has been a source of inspiration to many. Her family, fans and friends have also supported her in difficult situations in her life. Meanwhile, Chhabi recently shared a photo, which shows her struggle.
The image underwent breast cancer surgery last month. After that she is slowly returning to her routine. She is also undergoing radiotherapy. A post informing about this is shared by Image. She has shared a photo with a certain mark on her belly, with a long caption for it. Many have commented on this saying, ‘Image you are inspiring’. The spirit of the image is being appreciated this time.

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Sharing this post, Chhabi says, ‘The first day of radiotherapy was important. There was something wrong with the machine and I was in the office until they spoke when they were fixing it. The only downside was that the room was very cold and I was shivering. I just could not keep quiet. ‘

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She goes on to say, ‘The beautiful marks you see on my body were for radiotherapy in the right part of the body. I want to keep them until the radiotherapy is complete (for a month). I went to the gym today, now for radiotherapy and after that I’m going for a shoot. ‘

This time too she has shared a little joy. “I can now move my arms enough to swim, but I can’t swim for two months because of the chlorine exposure,” she said. OK, let’s manage ‘. She has used the hashtag #cancerupdate in such a positive post. She also used the hashtags #justdoit #radiotherapy #neverbackdown #onedayatatime in this post. Comments are coming to her posts that many are inspired by her positive and enthusiastic nature.



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