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New Delhi: The bill, which was high in summer, did not come down even after the onset of monsoon. According to the complaints of many consumers, the electricity bills in June and July are similar to those of April and May. Due to the increase in the use of TV, fan, AC and other electronic items in the house, the electricity bill may be higher. But, if you want to reduce the electricity bill, here we are giving information about a simple trick. Today we are bringing you information about one such device. Which if installed along with electricity meter can reduce the electricity bill by half, know the details.

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You can buy Zealsy Maxx Power Saver Electricity Saver Power online or offline. The price of this device is Rs.1250. But, you can buy it for just Rs 205 after 83 percent discount. For the first time this device is being offered such a huge discount online. You can install this special device in office or home. It gives red color.

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The biggest advantage of installing this device is that no household items get damaged afterwards. Because, it doesn’t even give much current in the house. Along with its special features, it is also very easy to apply. No engineer is needed to install it. The company claims that after installing it, the electricity bill will be reduced by 30 to 35 percent every month.

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Also this device works as a voltage stabilizer. This device can be best if the voltage is going up and down continuously at any point. Before using it in home, office or factory, you should take the help of an electrical engineer once. If you don’t, you can get into trouble. Because, it has to be connected with the main wire of electricity. So without taking any risk, if you take the help of a wireman or an engineer, it can be beneficial for you.

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