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fourth covid wave updates: Coronavirus In India: Will there be a fourth wave of coronavirus in the country ?; This happened for the first time in three months! – indias r value increases above 1 for first time in 3 months says researcher MIGMG News


New Delhi: The country has seen an increase in the number of corona patients, with the R value being more than one for the first time in three months. According to researchers at the Institute of Mathematical Sciences in Chennai, the rate is 1.07. (Covid R Value In India Updates)

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The rate of transmission from Corona patient to other citizens is measured by ‘R value’. Less than one R value is considered to control the infection. From April 12 to 18, the country’s R value was recorded at 1.07. Earlier, the figure was 0.93 per cent between April 5 and 11. The figure was 1.28 in the country between January 16 and 22, said researcher Sitabra Sinha. He said the outbreak was not limited to Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Haryana.

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In all major cities including Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, the ‘R value’ is more than one. In Delhi and Uttar Pradesh, the figure is more than two. The R value is 2.12 in Delhi, 2.12 in Uttar Pradesh, 1.04 in Karnataka and 1.70 in Haryana. In Maharashtra and Kerala it is 0.72 and 0.88 respectively. The number of corona patients in the country was 2067 on Wednesday.

Thousands of new patients in Delhi in 24 hours

A fourth wave of corona is expected in India by the end of June. Five states – Delhi, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra and Mizoram – have seen an increase in the number of patients over the past few days. Of these states, the situation in Delhi is more serious. The daily patient population in Delhi crossed the 1,000 mark on Wednesday. In 24 hours, 1,009 new patients were found in Corona, while the covid positivity rate in the capital was 5.70. On Tuesday, 601 patients were found in Delhi. The Kovid rules are likely to be tightened in Delhi in the coming days in view of the growing threat of corona. Mumbai, the capital of Maharashtra, is also witnessing an increase in the number of patients. On Tuesday, 85 patients were registered in Mumbai, while on Wednesday, 98 patients were found in Corona. At present, there are 415 active patients of Corona in Mumbai and the recovery rate is 98%.

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