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G-20 Summit 2023 | The Women-20 Council to be held from tomorrow in Aurangabad will discuss these women’s issues MIGMG News

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The Women-20 Council to be held from tomorrow in Aurangabad will discuss these women's issues

Aurangabad: The Women-20 Council has been organized on the occasion of the two-day G-20 summit in the historic city of Aurangabad from Monday. 300 delegates from India and abroad will participate in the council. The council will be held at Rama International Hotel Panchitara in the city. Apart from the economic empowerment of women in the council, decisions will be made after a detailed discussion on 4 other important issues. Based on those decisions, a report will be drawn up in June. After the report becomes known in the month of July-August, a world-class policy for women will be decided on the basis of the proposals made in it. This information was given by Dr. Sandhya Purecha, Chairperson of the Council of Women-20 at the G-20 Summit and Dharitri Patnaik, Chief Coordinator, at a press conference.

He stated that G-20 is a national group of 19 countries in the world, developed and developing countries. The G-20 was founded in Berlin, Germany in 1997 to address the world’s economic crisis. After that, in 2008, the heads of states involved in the G-20 gathered in Washington. After that, the economic situation came up for discussion. Dr. Purecha said that out of the total population of the world, 60 percent people live in the G-20 nations. Of the total GDP of the world, 85 percent of the GDP goes from 19 G-20 countries. Of the total trade in the world, more than 75 percent trade takes place in the G-20 countries. That is why it is very important to organize the G-20 summit. This year India won the chairmanship of the G-20 Summit under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The Vasundheya family Council concludes for this bidra sentence. Representatives of 20 nations joined the Council of Women-20.

Women from all over the world have arrived in Aurangabad, making the historic city proud

Women Council-20 President Dr. Sandhya Purecha said that women from 20 countries of the world reached Aurangabad for the Women Council-20. It is a matter of great pride for the historic city of Aurangabad. The woman is the creator, to create, to protect, to give rituals is the origin of all these women. Based on this, the Bidra penalty was drawn up. Two groups have been implemented for the Council of Women-20, one is the Main and the other is the Engagement Group. Every member of the G-20 nation in this group is a non-governmental organization. Government officials are not involved in this. The non-official members of the Council present their recommendations to the G-20 leaders. Based on that recommendation the policy or policies are decided at the world level.

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Women-20 will discuss 5 important issues

Dr. Sandja Poreča stated that 5 important issues have been fixed for the Women’s Council 20. In which women’s empowerment, climate resilience, how women will play an important role in the resulting changes, focusing on how to create an enabling ecosystem for Talagala women, basic capacities and skills ie. digital divide for education and skills development. Paving the way for women and our women-led development of India will be discussed in detail.

Emphasis should be placed on the economic empowerment of women in the country

In response to a question, Dr. Sandhya Purecha said that I have visited 10 states in the country in connection with the G-20 Council. In this, the issue of giving more emphasis to the economic empowerment of women came to the fore. Women in our country are moving out of their homes en masse. In such a situation, the emphasis is on bringing the issues related to women in Delhi to the streets. Many proposals are coming for the advancement of women during the council. Dr. Purecha stated about some of the important suggestions that if the fixed deposit amount is kept in a bank in the name of the woman, then 1 percent more interest should be given. If there is a property in the name of women, more relaxation should be given in the amount of taxes, women also cried grief because of the promotion they did not get. In particular, the demand to give judo karate, military training to girls came to the fore in skill development and the new education policy. Dr Sandhya Purecha and Chief Coordinator Dharitri Patnaik briefed on the detailed discussion at the Women-20 Council of the two-day G20 Summit held from Monday in Aurangabad, on how women’s development should be led by women. On the other hand, apart from Union Minister Smriti Irani for the council, many top officials from the central department will also be present in the council.

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