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Gadchiroli News | Crops do not receive irrigation capacity, 300 farmers knocked; Revolt among farmers MIGMG News

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Armament, Tehsil farmers plant nut crop in large scale in hundreds of hectares of field in Rabi season. In such a situation, Idiado Dam is the only source of water for the farmers of the tehsil. But due to non-availability of water for the crops as required, the rice crops of the farmers are also in trouble. Therefore, expressing anger against the administration, 300 farmers of the tehsil knocked at the Itiyadoh project office and the tehsil office, demanding the release of water from the Itiyadoh project.

Summer rice and other crops are planted in the rabi season in various villages of the tehsil including Antarji, Arsoda, Kasvi, Ashti, Ravi, Mulurchak etc. villages of Tehsil Armori. Even though there is a 40 percent water quota for the Itiyadoh project for the district, due to the non-availability of water for farmers living at the far end, the rice crop of some farmers is on the verge of drying up. On the other hand, strong dissatisfaction is expressed towards the farmers who do not release water from the Itiyadoh project to the crops.

Finally, 300 angry farmers from the tehsil knocked at the Armory office in Itiyadoh on Monday. But due to non-availability of officials, the farmers took their march to the Tehsil office. Angry farmers demanded official to visit fields to inspect dried crops, Itiyado Project to compensate damaged crops for not giving water to crops, suspension of Deputy Executive Engineer Mende from Itiyado Project Office, Wadsa, who discriminated against farmers of Armori tehsil etc.

At that time, Naib Tehsildar Donadkar contacted Superintendent Engineer Parathe and Executive Engineer Rajeev Kurewar of Itiyadoh Patbandare division on mobile and asked to increase the water range. A large number of farmers from the tehsil including Kasvi’s former VP Pravin Rahate, Neelkanth Selokar, Manohar Gonade, Sitaram Gurnule, Eknath Dhakate, Ajay Vathgure, Kanjilal Wajade, Ashok Boyar, Gyandev Taver etc. were present in the movement. During the agitation, the Arms Police had made strong preparations.

Required 50 cusp Available Supply 12 cusp

It is necessary to give first priority to the farmers settled at the end of the tehsil due to the application of Itiyadoh water to the farmers of Armory tehsil. But because that did not happen, the crops began to wither. Despite the requirement of 45 to 50 cusecs of water, only 10 to 12 cusecs of water is being given from Itiyadoh project in Tehsil Armory. Due to which dissatisfaction is expressed among the farmers of the tehsil.

sharply broke the discriminating engineer

Peas and other agricultural crops are on the verge of withering due to lack of water. Due to which the farmers many times request water from the Itiyado administration. But the authorities there are extending the time citing technical reasons. The result of which is likely to be transformed into farmers’ crops. Accusing the Deputy Executive Engineer of Wadsa Itiyadoh Office, Menhe, of not giving water to the farmers, take immediate action against them, otherwise the farmers warned to launch an intense agitation.

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