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General Election not held in 2023: Kanwar Dilshad MIGMG News

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Migmg news

By Staff Reporter

ISLAMABAD: Editor-in-Chief of Pakistan Group of Newspapers and Chairman of Rose News TV SK Niazi has said that while the government is doing many things verbally, nothing is happening in practice. According to my understanding, Pakistan’s politics is not balanced; politics becomes one-sided.

Economist Mirza Akhtar Baig participated in the program “Sachi Baat”. He said that the IMF said that targeted subsidies should be given to the poor. The IMF said privileges should be withdrawn from the elite. New taxes will be levied from the $170 billion mini-budget. If the Prime Minister’s austerity measures are implemented, it will be a good start. Inflation reached 30 to 35 percent. Such inflation has never been seen before. What has such a large cabinet done for the economy so far? On merit, steps should be taken to stabilize the economy. The government will have to make unpopular decisions to improve the economy. In this day and age, there is a do or die situation; decisions will have to be made in the national interest. Political instability causes the greatest damage to the economy of the country, Due to political instability; both investors and the common man are concerned. The division of the nation into institutions is clearly visible. The digital census is expected to increase the number of parliamentary seats, until the census is completed it is not possible to go to the polls.

Similarly, General (Retd.) Naeem Khalid Lodhi participated in the ‘Sachi Baat’ programme. He stated that the economy and international politics are linked and that as long as there is political instability, the economy will not recover. Right now our foreign policy is confused. Contacts with Afghanistan must be maintained at all times, and our foreign policy must be improved. The last hope of the entire nation is the Supreme Court. If the provincial assembly elections are called, they will go against the PDM. Rajanpur by-election result is in front of everyone. The graph of Tehreek-e-Insaf is increasing with every step of suppression of PTI.

Kanwar Dilshad, former Secretary of the Election Commission, meanwhile appeared on the program ‘Sachi Baat’. He stated that “By the Eighteenth Amendment, the powers vested in the Governor; under Article 105, the Governor has the power to give the date; when the month of March passes and April comes, the Electoral Commission can announce general elections; Imran Khan also made a statement regarding the census; general elections are not held in 2023; The Supreme Court is the supreme institution; and the judiciary is criticized.”

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