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New Delhi: Google News: Google has announced that it is back in Spain after a gap of eight years. The news aggregator service has returned to Spanish media outlets (large and small) with an updated copyright law that allows them to make their own decisions about how to find their content and how to monetize that content. Google will bring back Google News Apps for both Android and iOS. Using the new platform, Spanish readers will be able to access a wide range of stories from News Sources. Stories will include news about local groups, nationally and globally, the latest news topics of the day, and what news has been verified by independent organizations.

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Google said in a statement:

When readers click on a link, Google News directs readers to the publisher’s website. Helps bring traffic to their content. Where they can show ads and encourage readers to subscribe. However, it turned out that when we shut down Google News in 2014, the use of news in Spain decreased, and traffic to Spanish publishers’ websites decreased by 10%. The biggest impact was on smaller publishers.

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Google will bring a news showcase to the country:

In addition to bringing the news platform back to Spain, Google will work to reach an agreement with publishers and bring Google News Showcase to the country as soon as possible. Google News Showcase is a licensing program. Which pays publishers to curate content for the story panel on Google News and Discover.

The statement added: “We hope that the return of Google News to Spain will help the various Spanish authors and even more people in Spain to find the news they are looking for. It will also help journalists. Take hard work.

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