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Harpreet Singh and Sachin Sahara add two more bronzes to Tally, India’s GR squad finish with five medals MIGMG News


Sachin Sahraouat and Harpreet Singh snatched bronze medals on Wednesday as the Greco-Roman squad celebrated their second best showing at the Asian Championships with five medals.

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Sachin competed in the 67 kg category and dominated the bronze qualifiers by defeating Uzbekistan’s Mahmud Bakhchiloyev.

This was after he lost the quarter-finals in a similar fashion to Meiirzhan Shermakhanbet of Kazakhstan.

Harpreet (82kg) did not have to move a string in the medal match because his opponent from Qatar, Jafar Khan Im Khan, did not take the mat due to injury.

The medal winning bid from Sachin and Harpreet means India finished with five medals in the Greco-Roman event of the tournament.

In the 2020 edition, India won one gold (won by Sunil Kumar) and four bronze medals in Delhi.

On the opening day of the tournament on Tuesday, Sunil Kumar (87 kg), Arjun Halakorki (55 kg) and Neeraj (63 kg) won the bronze medals.

Encouraged by the team’s impressive display, the Indian Wrestling Federation (WFI) said it would ensure that the country’s Romanian wrestlers have external partners in the national camp so that their performance continues to improve.

“Winning these medals when you have strong Japan, Iran and Kazakhstan is not an achievement. The wrestlers asked for better training partners from abroad and we will get them after this tournament,” WFI Assistant Secretary Vinod Tomar told PTI.

“The Indian trainers have told us that they have to conduct training programs in the camps. We are not hiring any foreign trainers now. Regular practice in the camp has given us results this year.”

In the 60kg weight category, Gyanendra lost his bronze match by surpassing Japan’s Ayata Suzuki.

In the weight of 72 kg, Vikas could not get past the quarter-finals, losing by his technical superiority to the Uzbek Mirzubek Rakhmatov. Ravi, who competed at 97 kg, also lost in the same stage. He lost his quarter-final match 3-1 to Yu Dzhuzubbekov of Kyrgyzstan.

Women’s wrestling will begin on Thursday. For India, world championship bronze medalist Sarita Moore, who will compete in the 59kg category, will be the best bet for a medal on Thursday, while world silver winner Anshu Malik will take the mat on Friday.

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