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Harsh Criticism of Maria B’s Pakistani Drama Spreading Transgender Agenda – Ausaf Daily MIGMG News

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Migmg news

Karachi: Famous Pakistani fashion designer Maria B criticized a private TV channel’s drama based on transgender agenda Maria B shared a teaser of TV drama Sar Rah on Instagram and wrote that it ( supporters of transgender agenda

Sell ​​your soul.


A viral clip on social media shows a conversation between father Nabeel Zafar and his intersex child, in which he encourages the child to become transgender.

Maria also wrote that instead of guiding the child to become a boy or a girl according to Sharia, an attempt is made to make the child transgender.


He further wrote that now is the time for Pakistanis to wake up, isn’t it clear from this conversation that the transgender agenda is being imposed on Pakistan from the West.

In another post, Maria B wrote that this drama is sponsored by USAID and is trying to impose western civilization on our society.

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